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Our Wow’s with Rich Pins

I would like to take a minute to apologize for the current state of the site. We had to do a full reinstall and it seems it had a few gremlins, such as triplicating our menu items and deleting all the feature pictures for the recipes. We are working through these issues as fast as we can, and hope to have everything in proper order by the weekend.

We have been trying to get the site compliant for Pinterest Rich pins so that all our pins will feature ingredients and other useful information right on Pinterest, along with the pins. We had to do this because we had a bug in the validation of the site, even though we use the Easy Recipe Plus plugin which is already producing micro data.

We had to go through every plugin and widget, and have finally found the culprit so this is the only site we have to go through this pain with. The fix is about 2 minutes (and about 20 hours of searching and talking to our host and the people at ERP who were all very supportive and helpful!)

Once again, we apologize if things seem a bit off, but the good news is all our WordPress sites should be supporting Rich Pins soon.


Christine and the RPN Team

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