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Spicy Kimchi Pickled Vegetables

Recipes for pickled vegetables are abundant. True aficionados appreciate a spicy pickle. Many cultures have spicy pickled vegetable recipes, but probably the most well-known is Korean kimchi. Kimchi can be made with just cabbage, just cucumbers, or any number of vegetables. Like most pickling recipes, kimchi was invented to help preserve food at a time when refrigeration was not available. Korea’s spicy vegetable pickles are known for their heat. Today you can find it on pizzas and burgers. In Korea, even people who do not know much about cooking can make a hot kimchi stew with rice. Families all had their own distinctive kimchi recipes that were passed down from generation to generation.

Amazingly, these pickles are fairly easy to make. As more people all over the world discover kimchi, the recipes are spreading far and wide. Traditionally, it is served as a side dish. Scoop out a bowl full with your meal to punch up your nutrition and your heat. Today, you can find kimchi in grocery stores, farmers ‘ markets, and specialty shops. Even with its growing popularity, there is no reason not to try making your own. Use the recipe to use up some of your excess garden produce so you can enjoy it in the months to come.

Just like many other refrigerator pickle recipes, kimchi is made of preserved raw vegetables. None of the nutrients are lost in the preparation. The hot, bright flavor wins new fans all the time who may not even care about the extra nutrients they are eating. The flavors combine all the natural flavors of hot, sour, sweet, and salty. The spicy aroma tickles the senses and invites everyone to take a bite. Continue reading