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Vegetarian Appetizers

Yummy Vegetarian Appetizers

Vegetarian appetizers can be really good. Even if you are a carnivore you will find you do not miss the meat at all, because of all the beautiful flavors in the vegetarian appetizers. Some recipes have been adapted from meat ones, replacing the meat with a vegetarian alternative, while others are naturally vegetarian, based on fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, and other tasty ingredients.

A Few Tempting Ideas

Try baked vegetable chips if you want something crunchy, fried mushrooms if you crave something juicy, puff pastry spinach squares if you want to make something classy, or crispy fried bananas if you want a sweet appetizer. There is plenty of choice and even if you do not want to use any vegetables at all, that is fine, because there are plenty of options for you. Dips are always popular and a lot of these are meat and fish-free. Spinach and cheese dip is always good and you can make it in a slow cooker, or how about a classic dip such as hummus or homemade salsa?

Our chilled endive appetizer is very elegant and would be perfect for a dinner party while the goat’s cheese stuffed peppers suits pretty much any season or occasion. There really is something for every palate in the collection, no matter whether you want hot or cold appetizers, mild or spicy ones, or ones which have a ‘meaty’ flavor to them despite not containing any meat.

Plenty of Options for Vegetarians

You can get a nice, robust, earthy flavor from using ingredients like mushrooms or you can use tofu or Quorn (or similar meat substitute) perhaps. There are also plenty of recipes which were once limited to carnivores only but are now available for everyone, such as ‘meat’ balls made with TVP instead of meat or sliders made with beans and veggies. So if you are wondering what to make for vegetarian guests or simply planning a non-meat appetizer, take a look through our comprehensive collection of vegetarian appetizers and see which one you fancy preparing. You will be spoilt for choice because there are so many wonderful recipes.


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