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Healthy Appetizers

Healthy Appetizers that Taste Good

You do not have to sacrifice flavor for health, and it is perfectly possible to make appetizers which not only taste good but offer a great flavor and are really satisfying. These days we are more concerned with what goes into our bodies than ever and there are plenty of options for cutting carbs, calories or fat, depending which diet you are using. Appetizers featuring fruit and/or vegetables can offer plenty of nutrients and when you use ingredients like those you can also be sure of having plenty of nutrition in the food.

More Reasons to Choose Healthy Ones

As well as being nutritious, such appetizers are a good idea because they tend to be less filling than anything calorie-laden or fatty, and appetizers served before a main dish are not supposed to be too filling. You do not want your dinner guests to be too full to enjoy the main dish. An appetizer is supposed to whet the appetite. They also offer balance, so if you are going to serve a heavy, rich, not-so-healthy main dish, serving healthy appetizers is one way to offset that.

It is easy these days to find ingredients like reduced-fat sour cream, fat-free dressings and low-carb baking mixes, so you can get creative with pretty much any recipe, making substitutions as you like. You could oven-fry your chicken wings instead of deep-frying them, or make crustless mini quiches instead of the result kind.

Something else you can do of course is to browse our healthy appetizers because each of these has been written with the health conscious home cook in mind, using healthy ingredients to make something which not only looks great and is simple to prepare, but also something which is going to taste great and that is the most important factor.

Whether you are watching your figure or simply looking for healthy alternatives to the not-so-healthy appetizers we all know and love, we have plenty of food for thought, and there are dishes for all palates and occasions, whether you want something hot or cold, spicy or mild, crispy or soft, meaty or vegetarian – just take a look and see what inspires your inner chef.


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