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Gluten Free Appetizers

Appetizers without Gluten

Not being able to eat gluten does not mean you have to miss out on delicious appetizers and there are some delicious recipes to choose from which contain no gluten at all. Some are deliberately designed with a gluten-free diet in mind while others are naturally gluten-free. When cooking for someone who does not eat gluten remember there are lots of ingredients which contain gluten you might not know about. Bread and pasta contain gluten of course, but so would a soup recipe made with a bouillon cube, and eating gluten can make a gluten-intolerant person sick so it is worth browsing our recipes and choosing one to make from the selection there.

Plenty of Options without Gluten

Choose from a wide range of ingredients including fruit and vegetables as well as cheese and eggs. Use nuts or tasty seasonings to bring out the flavor in your gluten-free appetizers. If you are serving these as part of a buffet it is a good idea to mark out the gluten-free dishes in some way, such as putting them all on one side of the table or using a special color plate to signify the gluten-intolerant can eat them. Also, do not cook gluten-free food in the same pan or on the same grill as the gluten food. That might sound obvious but it is something a lot of home cooks do not consider.

You can get gluten-free baking mixes if you want to make a special kind of pastry or crust, and of course everyone can enjoy that whether or not they eat gluten. You can also invest in a gluten-free cookbook although if you want free gluten-less recipes it makes just as much sense to look online, and we have a variety of recipes you might be interested in.

People Unable to Eat Gluten

Over 3 million people in the United States are gluten-intolerant which is a huge number, so it is worth investigating gluten-free appetizers and other gluten-free meals in case you have dinner guests with this particular food intolerance. Eggs, meat, fish, additive-free dairy products, rice, corn and cornstarch can all be eaten but do watch the additives. Imitation crab, for example, contains flour, making it a source of gluten.


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