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Simple Appetizers

Why Choose Simple Appetizers

Simple appetizer recipes are always highly in demand. Let’s face it, nobody wants to sweat over a hot stove for hours making appetizers when they could prepare something equally delicious in a much shorter time, and that is one reason simple appetizers are so important to know about. A simple appetizer is just as likely to be found in an upmarket restaurant as an elegant one, and if you have ever enjoyed ham draped over melon slices or eaten crackers with one or two toppings on, then you have enjoyed simple appetizers.

Simple does not mean boring or dull and it does not mean a recipe which is only suitable for novices. Instead, simple appetizers are those which absolutely anybody can make, using easy-to-find ingredients and uncomplicated preparation and cooking techniques. Choose from hot or chilled appetizers, classic favorites or something new and unusual, depending what you are in the mood for.

Keep It Easy for Great Results

Some home cooks get flustered when they have too many things to do at once and, because simple appetizers are simple to make, they are a good choice if you have numerous tasks to be getting on with and you do not want to be spending all your time and energy on the appetizers. Also, if you run out of snacks partway through a party and you need more, you are not going to have time to make a crockpot dip from scratch or cook something which takes half an hour, or make deviled eggs or mini quiches, so a recipe which is quick and easy is a lifesaver. Instead of having to resort to chips and nuts you can simply rustle up a simple appetizer in 5 minutes and present your guests with that.

Simple appetizers are great to learn if you are unaccustomed to making fiddly appetizers and a lot only have a few ingredients so you will be able to remember the recipes and make them again and again. Take a look at our simple appetizers. There is sure to be at least one which fits the bill perfectly and will be a delight for you to make and a delight for your guests to eat.


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