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Candied Recipes

Delicious Candied Recipes

Candied recipes might not be the first type of appetizers you consider making, but they are so tasty and crunchy you might like to try making some. Try making candied lemon or orange zest. You can use this to top canapés, perhaps adding a strip of candied lemon to a tomato and pesto canapé, or topping your homemade pate with a strip of candied orange. Candied violets are unusual and beautiful, while nobody ever says no to candied pecans.

More Tempting Possibilities

Candied yams, anyone? Although these are often offered as a side dish at Thanksgiving they are too good not to consider for your next get-together, and you will find the bowl empties very fast once you start offering these around. Candied walnuts are really good or candied cinnamon apples for a bit of a spicy kick. If spice is something you like, think about making candied jalapenos. The combination of sweet and spicy is amazing.

A lot of different ingredients can be candied, although many people have only tried yams and nuts in this style. Take a look at our recipes and you might be surprised just how many different ingredients can be used to make these tasty, sweet treats. Offer these around at your next get-together and everyone is sure to be very impressed with your cooking abilities. You can buy candied nuts and similar items but they do not taste anywhere near as good as the homemade versions, so it is always better to make your own.


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