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Middle Eastern

Typical Middle Eastern Fare

If you want to try a new cuisine, what about some Middle Eastern dishes? A lot of dishes from this area will be new and exciting for your guests and you will get to use all kinds of aromatic ingredients to create perfect appetizers which everyone will love. Try an Arabic dipping sauce made with ingredients like yogurt, cinnamon, chilies, fruit and nuts, or even tabbouleh which is a Lebanese bulgur wheat dish rich with herbs.

Ingredients from the Middle East

Popular Middle Eastern ingredients include olive oil, honey, sumac, chickpeas, parsley, mint, dates, sesame seeds, pita bread and olives. Because the climate is warm there are a lot of chilled and lukewarm dishes served, although there are hot options too if you are looking for those.

You might like to experiment with other recipes, adding some Middle Eastern touches rather than making a Middle Eastern dish, or perhaps you want to try out on of our Middle Eastern recipes for an authentic flavor experience. We have a number of options for you to choose from anyway.

Yummy Middle East Appetizers

Lamb and mutton are the most used meats in the Middle East, because they are the most widely available, so you will find a lot of the appetizers from this region include one of those meats, although you are the chef so you may swap the lamb for beef, chicken or even vegetables if you wish to tweak the recipe you are making. Stuffed veggies are also popular there and common fillings include meat with rice, and these can be served with a typical yogurt-based sauce on the side.


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