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Tasty Appetizers from India

Indian appetizers are often packed with spices and seasonings but it is not true they have to be highly spiced, because there are mild options too. Choose from hot or cold appetizers, and consider making an Indian dipping sauce like raita or mango chutney, to complement all manner of crunchy hot snacks. You might like to try making samosas or pakoras, or investigate Indian fusion recipes.

Indian Appetizer Ideas for You

Homemade Indian green chutney is easy to make, and this combination of chilies, lemon, onion and herbs works beautifully when served with a contrasting dish like hot, crispy cheese balls for instance. Another possibility is raita, and this yogurt, cucumber and mint dip is cooling and refreshing.

Fish, seafood, meat, cheese and vegetables all feature in Indian recipes. There are plenty of vegetarian Indian dishes because there are so many vegetarians in India. If you are catering for vegetarians then Indian cuisine might be something to consider when planning appetizers.

Inspiration from India

If you are making something quite simple such as a plain soup or salad, adding some curry powder or Indian seasonings would be one way to add a flavor of India without having to make the whole dish Indian. A pinch of curry powder brings all kinds of dishes to life, from egg salad to pumpkin soup or cream cheese and tomato canapés. Indian food is often colorful and aromatic, and these are great qualities to feature in appetizers whichever cuisine you are using.


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