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Delicious Appetizers from Greece

Appetizers are really popular in Greece so there are plenty of different recipes for you to choose from. Consider gyros if you want to offer an authentic Greek appetizer. These delicious wraps include meat and vegetables, and are great enjoyed hot. Another possibility would be dolmas, which are stuffed vine leaves. You can make these vegetarian if you want. Greek yogurt can be used to make all kinds of cool, refreshing dips.

Filo Pastry Appetizer Options

This type of pastry is often used in Greek cuisine and we offer a number of filo appetizers. Also spelt phyllo, this type of pastry is flaky and crumbly, and suits a wide variety of fillings. Feta and spinach may be added to your filo pastry to make little pies or tartlets, or you might like to try a meat or fish filling.

Try stuffing the pastry with vegetables or cheese and serving these little morsels hot, or why not deep-fry them to make a crunchy treat? Filo pastry can be purchased and kept in the freezer until required, and it is always worth keeping some on hand for making Greek appetizers. This paper-thin unleavened flour pastry is used to make spanakopita, a feta and spinach pie, as well as sweet, sticky baklava.

More Greek Options

Soup is popular in Greece, as is salad, and there are recipes for both of these. Typical Greek ingredients include tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, lemon juice, oregano, garlic and olive oil, and you will find some of those in many of our Greek appetizers. Bring a touch of Greece to your dinner table and everyone is sure to love the exotic Mediterranean flavors.


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