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Authentic English Appetizers

English appetizers are always delicious and there are some famous ones you can try, as well as more obscure options. If you are in the mood for something sweet, then mince pies and brandy snaps are always popular. Scones also make a nice appetizer, or starter recipe as they say in England, and you can get plain, cheese, fruit or other versions of these little buttered snacks. Prawn cocktail is also typically English.

Take Inspiration from England

Perhaps you want to add an English touch to your appetizers rather than making English ones and you can do this by incorporating some English styling into your dishes. An example of this would be serving your potato skin with salt and malt vinegar instead of with your usual dipping sauce.

If you are making a selection of appetizers you might like to make some English ones and some from other countries or even kept the rest local. This ensures your guests will have plenty of choice and can either eat the English appetizers or enjoy the ones they are more familiar with.

Traditional Appetizers in England

Appetizers are not served the same way in England as in the United States, and you are likely to get either a bowl of soup or some kind of canapés before the main dish, while events like Superbowl are of course unknown so enjoying a bowl of chili in front of the game is not something you are likely to find there. If you do want to stick to traditions then you cannot go wrong with prawn cocktail, homemade crab pate or even homemade pumpkin scones.


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