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Tasty and Versatile Tomatoes

There are lots of recipes featuring tomatoes, especially appetizer recipes, because tomato goes so well with many other ingredients and is hugely versatile. Tomatoes may be served raw or cooked, and you can use them as a garnish, part of the dish, or even the main ingredient. They can be chopped and added to salads, stuffed with a hot or cold mixture, or even pureed to make a sauce, dip or soup.

Popular Tomato-Based Appetizers

Try stacking tomato slices with other sliced vegetables and ingredients like mozzarella, beets, cucumber and herb leaves, for a colorful and elegant appetizer. Another idea is serving the tomatoes as part of a salad, and you can choose from large, small or even cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes are nice served with asparagus and a balsamic dressing, as a very simple dish. Tomatoes are also nice with cheese and you will find plenty of recipes incorporating both tomatoes and cheese, because the sweetness of the tomatoes contrasts so well with cheese.

More Ideas for Using Tomatoes

A tomato dip is always nice and you can make this sweet, mild or spicy, adding other ingredients such as cream cheese, pureed vegetables or even adding an international twist by featuring Asian, Mexican or another cuisine’s ingredients in the recipe. Swap peppers for tomatoes if you want to stuff them, and choose from a seafood or egg-based filling, or something meatier and more filling. Tomatoes are also good in tarts and vol-au-vents as part of the stuffing.


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