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Sausage Appetizers for Everyone

If you want to use sausage in your appetizers there is plenty of choice, and you can choose from hot or cold appetizers, as well as selecting which type of sausage you want to use. Sausage varies from sweet to spicy and lots of recipes feature more than one kind of sausage. Perhaps you want to try making sausage rolls or even a mushroom sausage spread which is lovely served with crackers or bread.

Tasty Appetizers Using Sausage

Some recipes will call for whole sausages while others will want them chopped or just the sausage meat itself. First you should decide which type of appetizers you want to make and then you can choose whether to go for a light or hearty approach, because sausage can be used both ways.

You can top canapés with sausage or use it to make something really hearty like sausage and potato tartlets or pies. Try adding it to a potato salad for a meaty touch, or mix chopped Italian sausage into your salad or risotto. Served in small portions, any of those can be an appetizer.

Other Ideas for Sausage Snacks

Try wrapping mini sausages or chopped larger ones in bacon before frying. All kinds of things are great when wrapped in bacon, and sausage is no exception. Another option is adding chopped sausage to quiches or tartlets, perhaps also adding cheese and vegetables for a nice flavor balance. Spicy party sausages are also lovely, and these are made by topping French bread with salami, mustard and salad vegetables, to make colorful little canapés.


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