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Potato is Often a Hearty Ingredient

Whether you are using potato as just one ingredient in a dish or as the main ingredient, there is no doubt it adds a hearty touch to the appetizer in question. Try stuffed potatoes or potato skins with cheese and bacon if you want something satisfying, or experiment with potato and meat pies or tartlets for something a bit lighter, making the pies small so they are not too filling. There are lots of ideas for you to choose from when making such dishes.

Hot Potato Appetizers

Although many potato dishes are served cold, such as potato salad, hot potatoes are especially nice. You might like to bake potatoes in the oven or cook them in the crockpot, then scoop out the flesh from the inside, combine it with ingredients as bacon and cheese, and serve hot.

Try one of our potato skins recipes, or experiment with a sweet potato recipe like candied yams perhaps. Potato cheese bacon bit balls are also really good. Oven-roasted potatoes served with aioli make a popular appetizer in Spain. You might like to serve those as a hearty option.

Other Potato Appetizer Choices

Poppers with steak and potatoes make great appetizers and you can serve them as finger food if you make them small enough, or try Mexican spiced chili cheese fries if nothing but comfort food will do. If you are a fan of bacon, why not wrap baby potatoes in bacon and cook those? Add some cheese too if you like. Bacon-wrapped potatoes are quite filling so they would be perfect if you want to offer a hearty option.


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