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Peppers are a Versatile Appetizer Ingredient

Whether the peppers are the star of the dish or just one ingredient in it, there is no doubt you can do a lot of different things with them. Choose from bell peppers, sweet peppers, chilies or another kind, depending on the flavor, color and shape you need, or whether you want a spicy, mild or sweet tasting pepper. You can use slivers of pepper to garnish a soup or top canapés, or stuff whole ones with all kinds of ingredients.

Ideas for Your Peppers

Stuffed peppers make nice appetizers and you can stuff any kind of peppers from big, sweet capsicums to fiery hot chilies. Choose between creamy, cheesy fillings, meat fillings, rice fillings or even seafood ones. Little stuffed peppers make good finger food while bigger ones are better served at a sit-down meal.

Another idea to try is Mexican food, because a lot of south of the border meals feature this ingredient. Not all Mexican food is spicy, so do not let that myth put you off Mexican dishes. How about a chili recipe with peppers, or using peppers as one layer in your 7-layer Mexican dip?

Easy Appetizer Options for You

Working with peppers is very simple. If you are using chilies make sure you wash your hands with soapy water immediately afterwards. Simple appetizers can be made by stuffing chilies with a cream cheese and sour cream mixture, or you might like to top canapés with cream cheese and pepper slivers for a colorful dish. Add chopped peppers to your mini quiches or any pasta or rice salad, or use them in tartlets or pies.


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