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Perfect Pastry Appetizer Ideas

Pastry is used in many recipes, whether as a base or a crust. Some dishes, such as quiches and pies, will use the pastry as a crust, and the filling or other ingredients go on top. Others might be enclosed in pastry, like pies where the filling is completely sealed in. Pastry can be bought or made, depending on your skill, the time you have available, and whether you prefer to make or buy the pastry for your appetizers.

The Best Pastry Appetizers

Pastry is often best when it is light and airy, which means buying some instead of making it, if you want to impress your guests and are not familiar with the art of producing light pastry. If you do want to make it, then by all means do so. Just make sure you have enough time.

Vol-au-vents and tartlets are based on pastry, as are mini quiches and other tasty little appetizers. The pastry on the base stops the filling from leaking through, and that means you can serve little snacks with a moist filling as finger food, and they will not be messy to eat.

Other Appetizers Which Feature Pastry

Sausage rolls are always good, or you could even use crescent roll dough to make quick and easy pastry and then wrap it around sausages, asparagus spears or any filling you like. Thaw some readymade puff pastry squares and fill them with spinach, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and ham, then bake in the oven, for a warm and delicious appetizer idea. Something else you might like to try is fruit-filled tarts if you want to make a sweet appetizer.


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