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Appetizers with Mushrooms

Mushrooms feature in a lot of different appetizer recipes because of their versatility. Add them to a salad or soup, use them to make risotto or even to garnish a plate of beef carpaccio. Choose from white or brown mushrooms, or exotic varieties like shiitake or cremini to add authenticity to some of our international appetizer recipes. Mushrooms offer an earthy flavor and they go well with meat, poultry, seafood, cheese, eggs, and so much more. They can be used in vegan or vegetarian dishes, and you can even make a faux ‘burger’ using Portobello mushrooms.

So Many Different Possibilities

So, which mushroom appetizer are you going to make first? You might like to combine mushrooms with chicken, cream and other delicious ingredients and make some chicken and mushroom vol-au-vents. If you would prefer the mushrooms to be the star of the dish, then how about stuffing them with cheesy ground beef or your favorite vegetable mixture? Mushroom soup is also very nice and you can add white wine, sherry or a similar flavor to add a gourmet touch.

Some of our appetizers do not include mushrooms but you might like to switch one of the other ingredients for them. For example, if a kabob recipe calls for bell pepper but you are not keen on bell pepper, quartered button mushrooms should work just as well. You can also add them to mixed vegetable soup or finely dice them or slice them if a recipe calls for that. Mushrooms work well with all kinds of ingredients and in many different cuisines, so if you are a mushroom fan you are sure to find all kinds of wonderful recipes for them.


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