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The Tastiest Chicken Appetizers

Chicken is a versatile meat and you can use it to make all kinds of delicious appetizers. Wrap it in bacon or use it to make kabobs. Use chopped, fried or smoked chicken to make appetizers. Chicken can be combined with other meats or served as the highlight of the dish. Perhaps you are thinking about adding it to canapés or making a salad with it. Chicken takes on other flavors well so often features in a variety of cuisines.

An Array of Yummy Chicken Treats

Hot chicken wings are always tasty and these can be marinated or served with a sauce. A lot of people enjoy spicy chicken wings so you might wish to make a Mexican or Asian chicken wing dish. Another option is chicken drumsticks if you want comfort food style appetizers.

Chicken can be cooked and cooled, and then used to top canapés or fill tartlets, perhaps along with cheese, tomatoes and other tasty ingredients. Because chicken is so good at soaking up other flavors, you might want to marinate it or use bold spices or seasonings in the dish you choose to make.

More Ideas for Chicken Appetizers

Chicken can be pounded flat, stuffed with spinach, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes, rolled up, baked and then cut into pinwheels if you want to make something fancy, or you can roast a whole chicken and then cut it up to use in a risotto, quiche, pasta salad or similar recipe. Try using ground chicken to make chicken wontons. These deep-fried, crispy Chinese morsels are always good. Another idea is chicken teriyaki kabobs because everyone loves those.


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