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Charming Appetizers with Cheese

When making appetizers, one of the most used ingredients has to be cheese, because it is so versatile and complements so many different kinds of dishes. Cheese can be served whole, shredded, grated or melted, or it might be the star of the dish, such as with cheese fondue. You really do have plenty of choice when working with this ingredient.

Different Types of Cheese for Appetizers

Choose from goat’s cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, emmental, cheddar and many more kinds. A lot of dip recipes are based on cream cheese because it melts nicely as well as thickening up the dish and keeping its soft texture instead of setting back firm.

Blue cheese adds a bold flavor to dishes where you want a stronger taste, while combining 2 or 3 types of cheese might work better for other appetizers. Some recipes give you the choice of cheese and others might suggest a Mexican cheese but you can usually just substitute what you personally prefer.

Cheese Appetizers for Any Occasion

These appetizers are suitable for any occasion from informal gatherings to watch the Superbowl right up to sit-down dinners with impressive menus. A traditional Swiss cheese fondue is always impressive, especially if you have the right utensils and implements to serve it in the traditional style, or you could make bacon and cheese potato skins or a Swiss cheese dip if you want something more informal. Add cheese to soups, salads or risottos, or use it to make cute canapés.


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