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Using Bacon to Make Appetizers

If there is one ingredient which features in comfort food, appetizers, snacks and so many more kinds of cooking, that just has to be bacon. Bacon has plenty of uses and the salty, meaty flavor adds a boost to a wide variety of dishes. You can choose from different types of bacon and use it as one of the main ingredients or as a garnish. Bacon works surprisingly well with sweet ingredients as well as savory ones.

Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers

One of the best ways to use bacon in your appetizer recipes is to wrap other ingredients with it. Try wrapping blue-cheese filled dates in bacon or pieces of banana. You can even wrap scallops or shrimp in bacon. A lot of people wonder how the fish will taste with the bacon but it works amazingly well.

You can cook these appetizers by deep-frying, sautéing or on the grill. Broiling is another possibility. Bacon is not just for breakfast. It is great wrapped around just about anything. Try bacon-wrapped banana chunks if you want to contrast saltiness with sweetness.

More Ways to Enjoy Bacon

Add some to your canapés along with cream cheese and tomato, or use bacon to wrap asparagus spears or another healthy vegetable option. Bacon is often used as an alternative to Parma ham or prosciutto when a thicker piece of meat is required. You can also crumble bacon and use it as a garnish on your favorite soup recipe. It would be nice sprinkled on top of pumpkin soup, for example, or you could sprinkle some over a creamy white soup.


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