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Choose from These Tasty Artichoke Appetizers

Artichoke sometimes gets unfair bad press because people simply do not realize how easy it is to prepare. Of course, canned artichoke has already been prepared for you, but take some time to find out how to cook fresh artichokes and your eyes will be opened to all the new and exciting artichoke appetizer recipes you will be able to make with it. If you are new to using artichokes, prepare to fall in love with the flavor and possibilities.

Artichoke is Great for Dips

One of the most popular uses for artichoke is to make a dip, and you can combine it with cream and ham, or choose ingredients such as spinach and cheese which also complement the artichoke flavor. These dips can be served hot, warm or chilled, and they range from mild to spicy.

An artichoke dip may be made with fresh or canned artichoke, and a lot of people like to make such a dip in the crockpot because this cooking method really intensifies all the flavors and blends everything together especially nicely.

Other Artichoke Possibilities

This versatile vegetable has plenty of other uses too, and you can add it to soups, canapés, mini quiches and more. Try adding artichoke, ham and mozzarella to puff pastry squares before baking, or stir some chopped artichoke into your next risotto or vegetable salad recipe. You can cook whole artichokes and serve them with a creamy dipping sauce. In fact that is one of the most popular ways to serve this vegetable.


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