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Valentine's Day

Romantic Valentines Day Recipes

Although Valentine’s Day is largely about romance, food and drink play a very strong role in this occasion too. What good is that bunch of roses without a delicious appetizer to enjoy while you look at them? Valentine’s Day is the time to surprise your sweetheart with extra special dishes. You might like to try something brand new this year, or perhaps you prefer to make classic favorites. Either way, we have plenty to tempt your palate.

The Best Ideas for Valentines Day Food

Some foods are associated with love and romance, so you might wish to feature asparagus, strawberries, champagne, or other such ingredients. Thoughtfully planning and making a romantic appetizer for 2 to share, since sharing with your loved one is part of this occasion. Plan ahead when making a list of ingredients so you can be sure of getting everything ready on time.

Consider an appetizer, a main dish and a dessert, and plan each one accordingly. How about a cold make-ahead dish for the appetizer, so you have time to focus on getting the entrée just right? You might then like to finish off with chocolates and strawberries, or a champagne cocktail.

Fantastic Food for This Special Occasion

There are no limits, and as long as you make dishes you and your partner both enjoy, you already have the makings of a wonderful and very special Valentine’s Day. Get some pink or red table linens or decorations for a romantic presentation, and consider having a candle-lit meal for added atmosphere.


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