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Hanukkah Food to Celebrate the Occasion

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday and, like with most holidays, food plays a prominent role in the festivities. Popular Hanukkah appetizers include potato latkes and jelly-filled donuts. Dairy foods are also enjoyed at this time. A lot of Hanukkah food is symbolic. For example, potato latkes are cooked in oil to represent the oil that burned for 8 days when the Jews defeated the Syrian-Greeks in 165 BCE.

Other Ideas for This Holiday

Although dairy foods were not added to the typical Hanukkah menu until the Middle Ages, they are now usually served frequently as part of the festival. Cheese is another symbolic ingredient in Hanukkah food because according to legend, a beauty named Judith, tricked the Babylonian army by serving salty cheese.

When they quenched their thirst with alcohol and became inebriated, Judith killed the enemy general and the rest of the army fled, making Judith a local hero. This is why cheese, cheesecake and other recipes made with cheese are served during Hanukkah.

Popular Food Choices

Potato latkes are perhaps the best-known Hanukkah appetizer and these are not only for Hanukkah. Although a lot of the food is supposed to be symbolic, it is also good food, so you can really enjoy the meal, whether you are eating fried potato, egg and onion latkes, homemade jelly-filled donuts or your favorite cheesecake recipe. Grilled salmon or tuna sliders could also be served, as well as some kind of salad on the side to round out the meal.


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