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Appetizer Recipes

The Very Best Appetizer Recipes

The most difficult thing about easy party appetizers is deciding which wonderful appetizer recipes to make. Do you fancy a sizzling hot appetizer or something creamy and chilled? We have fish appetizers, meat appetizers and vegetable appetizers for every taste and there are brilliant appetizer recipes to suit every occasion, holiday, or party theme.

Whether you want to make appetizers for a few guests or for a large buffet event, there are plenty of easy party appetizers to choose from, all of which are simple to put together, attractive to look at and wonderful to savor.

Appetizers can be an introduction to a main meal or an assortment of nibbles at a buffet and they fill the space between arriving and enjoying the main course. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned chef, you will find our easy party appetizers fun to create and delicious to eat.

Mouthwatering Hot Appetizer Recipes

The first appetizers to come into your mind when you think of appetizer recipes might not be hot appetizers. Hot appetizers are just as easy to make as a cold appetizer recipe though. Obviously hot appetizers need to be served hot, or at least very warm, but as long as you start baking, grilling or frying them in time, there should not be any problem.

Some hot appetizer recipes can be kept in a warm oven until you need them and they do not dry out. You might like to serve cold vegetable crudités with a hot dipping sauce or hot appetizers with a chilled dipping sauce.

Some of the best appetizer recipes if you are looking for hot ones include bacon-wrapped gorgonzola, spicy chicken wings, Cajun oven-fried vegetables, and chicken satay. There are thousands more too.

Making a Cold Appetizer Recipe

If you want to make chilled appetizers, there are lots that you can make in advance and keep in the refrigerator until you need them. Examples of cold appetizers include salads, bread with dips, seafood appetizers and succulent shrimp appetizers and lots of other make ahead appetizers.

You can choose from meat appetizers, fish appetizers, poultry appetizers, vegetarian appetizers and more. You might want to make one or two appetizer recipes or you might like to make a selection of different ones.

Light and Refreshing Summer Appetizer Recipes

Simple summer appetizer recipes include melba toast with homemade pate, smoked salmon or tasty homemade dip recipes, a variety of salads, devilled eggs, sweet cornbread appetizers and nearly any cold appetizer recipe you can think of.

Fruit plays a big part in summer appetizer recipes and you might like to combine seafood with fruit, cheese with fruit or cold meats with fruit. Seafood is popular in the summer and it might surprise you to learn that there are lots of easy party recipes featuring seafood, which you can prepare in just five or ten minutes.

Classic and Exotic Dip Recipes

There are chilled dips and hot dips. There are also dips from every cuisine and you can mix and match dip recipes. Salsa, hummus, and raita are all dips from different cuisines but serve them together, with some bread, chips, pretzels, or crudités to dunk, and people will enjoy tasting each one.

A lot of dips can be made by adding one or two ingredients to mayonnaise or sour cream. Add mustard or curry powder to mayonnaise for a yellow-colored, full flavored dip. Add some tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce to mayonnaise for a perfect Marie Rose sauce.

Add cucumber and fresh mint to yogurt for one of the most classic dips of them all. Dips are really simple to make and there are all kinds of things you can dunk in them. Thick dips are better than watery ones simply because they are less messy. The best dip recipes are those that you can scoop up with a tortilla chip or a piece of bread.

Whether you choose to make hot appetizers, cold appetizers or a selection of different appetizers, the important thing to remember is to have fun. You can be creative with appetizer recipes and even if you are making something simple like a three ingredient dip, you can present it artistically. Why not hollow out a red bell pepper and put the dip inside there, instead of in a bowl, or serve dainty shrimp appetizers on a bed of crushed ice?

If you let your imagination guide you, you can have fun and make great food. So enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best appetizer recipes ever and happy cooking!

So, enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best appetizer recipes ever and happy cooking!

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