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Lamb Chops with Cucumber Slaw

This delicious meaty recipe is simple to prepare and everyone will love how the spiced lamb chops contrast with the tangy cucumber slaw. Swap the sugar in the recipe for Splenda or similar, and this becomes a great low-carb appetizer. You will need 8 lamb chops to make this along with some spices, cucumber, red onion and seasonings. If you have a spiralizer you can spiralizer your cucumber, else you need to grate or shred it.

The lamb chops can be marinated in the spice mixture if you like, but that is optional. You can apply the spices just before cooking if you prefer. Feel free to increase the amount of spices if you prefer a spicier flavor or reduce the amount of spices to keep the taste milder. You can even change the suggested spices for others, since pretty much anything goes here, so if you want to get creative and give your lamb chops a Moroccan or Cajun flair, go for it, because any spice combination is sure to work nicely with the cucumber and red onion slaw on the side which is cooling and sweet.

Pan-frying is easy but if you prefer to cook these on the grill that is also fine. The cooking time will be similar, but cut gently into one of the chops to check. Most people prefer their lamb golden brown on the outside but pinkish on the inside. Cooking them further, until the meat is brown inside, means the lamb will be less moist. Remember to let the lamb chops sit for a few minutes between cooking and serving, because then you can expect a juicier result. Lamb chops are often served as part of an entrée, in which case people will have more than just a couple of them, but there is no reason you cannot serve a couple of lamb chops with some homemade slaw as a wonderful, delicious appetizer. Continue reading

All is Good Again

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