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Vegetarian Appetizers

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Buttery Garlic Breadsticks Stuffed with Cheese

Normally I would go into a food rant about this time in the recipe process believe it or not the last part of the post to be constructed is the intro. It may lead into the recipe but from a creation point of view it is the recipe which is my starting point. I mean I need to be able to deliver you a recipe that will downright have to wow you I can talk about it this or that but bottom-line is I need a killer recipe to make it all work.

Sure the intro gets you in the mood so that you hopeful end your search and want to head to the kitchen and give it a try but if the recipe fails then I have failed at delivering the many reason you came here in the first place which is for something great tasting to eat. Now I could go into a whole bunch of superlatives about how this recipe is one thing or another but with this one I think I am going to leave it at this and let that picture sell you on it.

I mean if you can honestly take a long look at those fresh hot breadsticks and walk away not even remotely a bit curious to see how good they actually taste then you are a better woman than I. I know when the team sent me this I was all there I mean breadsticks, melted butter, and garlic top it off there is cheese in them there breadsticks come on you must have super human will power if you are not at least the least bit interested in them. I know to me there is nothing better than fresh out of the oven bread I know my oldest son makes fresh bread every night before bed and we wake to the whole house with that fresh baked bread smell I must gain a few pound every night in my sleep. Continue reading

Garlic and Rosemary Italian Focaccia Bread Appetizer

Although bread is fairly simple sounding it is a very good choice for an appetizer. Think about it who doesn’t like a nice piece of warm bread fresh from the oven and what if we put herbs and olive oil in it or even garlic am I starting to open your eyes that this at first sounds like an oh you must be kidding thing to ah that does sound great kind of thing. I know I love fresh baked bread and in fact my husband’s favorite restaurant would serve these piping hot fresh from the oven breadsticks with melted butter and garlic that made you almost forget you had a meal coming kind of good.

I mean who can say they honestly don’t like a fresh hot chewy piece of artisan bread. Now when you stop to think about it this is sounding like a better appetizer idea by the minute. I mean you can smell it cooking in your mind already, can’t you? Tell me what your guest first response to walking into your house with the smell of fresh bread baking would be? Tell me they will not instantly be put in a mood you want at your party or dinner party.

I know one of the favorite times a day is when my oldest is making fresh bread like he does almost every day and in fact on off days something seems vacant in the house without that smell lofting through it. This is a great recipe if you are looking for a nice bread to serve to guest that will make them in the mood you want from the time they enter the house until the time they leave. I bet a few even ask for some after dinner. This recipe has all kinds of possibilities once you get the basic focaccia down you can really very up the toppings mine are only a traditional set of place to begin in fact try a few different ideas and see which one goes over best then make others that way and you’ll have a major crowd pleaser on your hands. Continue reading

Stuffed Red Onion Appetizer

If you are looking for an appetizer that will make a stunning presentation to your guest you need look no further than this stuffed onion one. Now it uses red onions which are a bit stronger than others but that is mainly for presentation sake you could easily use the same recipe with whatever type of onion you prefer it would be equally good with say a sweet onion verity or even yellow onion but if you want to make a statement the red ones work best.

Now as you will see when you get to the photo description section I do have an optional idea you could easily add bacon cut into say 1/4 inch strips into this stuffing and it would be heavenly with the onion just make sure to cook it about 90% before adding it to the stuffing and drain it well you don’t want to make it greasy. Now this is kind of a personal thing with me I think onion and bacon are close to the perfect food pairing but I didn’t include it in the recipe as I don’t want to get a bacon rep.

Now you could easily modify this to use smaller onions for say a hors d’oeuvre instead of a meal appetizer not sure of the exact measurements so you may have stuffing left over or be slightly short but this is a forgiving recipe just maintain the ratios. Now if you are not a fan of Gruyere cheese you could substitute it for mozzarella or even a blue cheese would be nice in replacement of the parmesan if you want a bit more bite in the interior. Just remember a recipe is merely a set of starting suggestions always modify to personal preferences not everyone likes the same thing so have fun with this one. Continue reading

Healthy Ratatouille Stuffed Peppers

This is quite a hearty appetizer, so if you are looking for something warm and filling, this might be something to consider. You can also team it with a side dish and offer it as an entrée. We are stuffing peppers with ratatouille then baking them in the oven to make something which is nutritious as well as very tasty. There are plenty of vegetables here, along with rice although you can leave out the rice if you do not want it too filling.

This recipe is suitable for any occasion and it is also fine for vegetarians. Swap the parmesan for vegan cheese, and this can be suitable for vegan eaters as well. Ratatouille is made by stewing vegetables until the flavors combine and everything is very tender. We are using onion, garlic, tomatoes and red bell pepper to make it, although you may vary the ingredients, perhaps adding in some zucchini or eggplant. Add a splash of white wine or lemon juice to the ratatouille to bring out all those wonderful vegetable flavors, along with some salt and black pepper to taste.

Then you can stuff the bell pepper halves with some cooked rice and the ratatouille you just made. Feel free to use another kind of grain instead of the rice (or even leftover rice from another day). Quinoa, macaroni or couscous would work too. Although you might want to cook the bell pepper halves first, before filling them, they tend to become quite tender in the oven anyway, and most people like them a little al dente rather than too soft, but that is up to you. We are using yellow bell peppers here which are sweeter than both green, red and orange ones, but use whatever kind you like to make this dish. Most people have made stuffed peppers before but often with cheese or a rice or beef mixture, so give this recipe a try and discover how tasty ratatouille stuffed peppers can be. Continue reading

Balsamic Asparagus and Parmesan Appetizer

Make your own asparagus appetizer recipes for any occasion, such as the tasty recipe we present here which offers the flavors of parmesan and balsamic vinegar as well as the crunchy asparagus itself. Simple marinades and spices can make for the best asparagus appetizer recipes and there are certainly a lot to experiment with, but this recipe is one of the best ones, and suitable for all kinds of occasions, or simply to make a quick snack.

Grilling asparagus indoors or outdoors is recommended, especially if you can char-grill it, to give it that lovely smoky taste. Asparagus is a light and healthy ingredient which can make tasty appetizers which are not too filling to spoil your appetite for the main dish. There are lots of ways to use asparagus. You can have such recipes in less than 10 minutes when you grill asparagus tips, or you might like to steam, pan-fry, roast, or even microwave the asparagus, depending on the recipe.

It can be turned into soup, used in salad, or even combined with ingredients like ham and cheese to make a pastry filling for example. Asparagus is healthy and great for vegetarians. Asparagus appetizer recipes make great Christmas party snacks because they are green and add a festive color to the table. Try making something with asparagus and taste a healthy difference in the way you eat dinner. Dinner parties and holiday gatherings are the perfect place to serve these dishes, so next time you are in the mood for asparagus, try making a simple marinade. Grilling asparagus tips with a nice dipping sauce are always good, or try the following recipe which pairs oven-roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese as well as balsamic vinegar which adds a sweet flavor to the finished dish. Served warm, this appetizer is sure to whet everyone’s appetite. Continue reading

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