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Superbowl Party Recipes

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Loaded Cheeseburger Slider with Onion Rings

There is much debate on where the cheeseburger as we know it today started and there are a few that claim the title of the home of the modern American hamburger but no matter which story you choose to believe there is no doubt as to America’s love of this meaty sandwich. What you may not have know though is you can down size these into what are known as sliders and serve them to party goers as an appetizer.

Now on this site we offer you other versions of this little gem but in this recipe we go all out and load them up into a towering colossal of a slider kind of the king of sliders if you so chose. I mean just because we are downsizing the meat and bun doesn’t mean we can load them up with all the things we love about the full-size version. I mean just because it is smaller doesn’t mean we need to compromise on the flavor combination.

To round out this appetizer gone Americana are some lovely full sized onion rings that are so much better than the frozen kind. In the batter I use buttermilk to infuse the onion rings in a deeply rich batter that will give plenty of crisp and delicious flavors to envelop the tender onion inside. It is like a nice winter jacket on a cold day and will deliver you a nice warm and tasty onion ring just like your favorite dinner. Continue reading

Best Superbowl Chili Recipe

What makes the best Superbowl chili? One of the favorite appetizers for this occasion is good hot chili, but what makes chili con carne? First you want a chili that is spicy but not too hot and you want something quick and easy to make. This featured chili recipe has got all the ingredients necessary to be the best Superbowl chili ever. Give it a try and decide for yourself if it is the best appetizer for Superbowl.

Although chili is usually served with rice or cornbread, as a satisfying meal, swap the bowls for mugs and omit the rice and cornbread, and you have a lovely appetizer-sized portion of chili to enjoy. Serve some tortilla chips on the side, or some individual cornbread muffins perhaps. This recipe is highly tweak-able. You can adjust the spice factor to make it as hot or as mild as you wish. Serve extra hot sauce on the side in case anyone wants to spice theirs up even more.

Leave out the cumin and/or oregano if you prefer, or even add a pinch of unsweetened cocoa powder to add a rich and exciting flavor. You can swap the chili beans for corn, the ground beef for ground pork, and the diced tomatoes with chilies for regular diced tomatoes. Also, feel free to add minced garlic (when you add the onion) or any other chili ingredients you want to add. This is a wonderful Tex-Mex dish, and if you tweak it to make it suit your palate perfectly, you will be really impressed with the flavor and so glad you made it. The recipe is really easy too. After browning the meat and sautéing the onion, simply add the remaining ingredients and let the mixture simmer for half an hour, after which time it is ready. If you want, swap the large pot for a crockpot and let it cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 3 hours. Continue reading

Spicy Crockpot Queso Dip

Whether you want to feed a crowd, make something yummy to munch on during the Superbowl or simply prepare some comfort food, cheese dip is always a winner. This recipe is made with Cheddar Jack cheese, tomatoes, cream, green onions, spices and hot dogs, and everything is blended in the crockpot for a flavorful result. Slow cooking brings out all the flavors and blends everything together nicely.

If you prefer to make a vegetarian version you can omit to hot dogs from the recipe. You can also use reduced fat cream and cheese if you want to cut the fat content a little. Serve the finished dip straight from the crockpot so it stays warm and choose from tortilla chips or scoops to serve. You can even offer corn chips or kettle chips if you prefer, or vegetable sticks like carrot and celery. This dip can be spiced up as much as you wish and some people do like it really hot. Another option is to leave out the pepper sauce and use a milder cheese if you prefer a milder result.

This recipe makes 6 cups of dip which is enough for 10 people but if you are serving this to diehard cheese dip fans you might want to make more of it. If you are in a hurry this can be made on the stovetop but the flavor is slightly better when you use a crockpot, so we recommend you do. This spicy dip offers a nice change of pace from chilled dip recipes. Continue reading

Best Superbowl Chili Recipe

Best Superbowl Chili Recipe for Your Party

What makes the best Superbowl chili? One of the favorite Superbowl appetizers is good hot chili, but what makes chili the best for Superbowl parties? First you want a chili that is spicy but not too hot, and you want a dish which is fast and easy to make. This featured recipe has got all the ingredients necessary to be the best Superbowl chili ever. Give this recipe a try and decide for yourself if it is the best chili you have ever made, because the flavor is just so amazing.

This recipe combines ground beef with tomatoes, chili beans, onion, and seasonings, to make a really simple chili which offers a wonderful flavor. Add some grated cheese for your garnish, and serve this in mugs with spoons, so you can enjoy the lovely flavor with the kick of spice, while watching the Superbowl or socializing with friends.

Although this is a very basic and simple chili recipe, all the flavors are there, and you will end up with something really good if you choose to make this. Serve it with rice or cornbread, or simply as it is, and you will be so happy you made it. You also have the possibility of tweaking the ingredients, making it spicier or less spicy, or adding other ingredients you want to put in there. Continue reading

Best Superbowl Appetizer

Best Superbowl Chicken Wings Appetizer

Are you planning a super bowl party and want the best Superbowl appetizer to serve? Food is a big part of any Superbowl party and having the very best appetizer will make your party as big a hit as the game itself. There are many favorite appetizers for any party but the best Superbowl appetizer has got to be chicken wings. Try the featured chicken wing appetizer recipe below and see if it isn’t one of the best appetizers you ever made.

The recipe is made with chicken wings, and they are seasoned and then cooked as you like, either fried, baked or grilled. They are then served with sauce made from peach, chili, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. The combination of simple chicken wings and the complex sauce which features sweetness, spice and aromatic flavors, is heady and amazing, and everyone will rave over these.

The chicken should be served hot and the sauce is best served warm. You can offer this for a special occasion like Superbowl or when the whole family is glued to the TV watching a show you all love, or you could consider it as a unique appetizer before serving a non-chicken entrée. The wings are prepared simply while the sauce is totally unique, so you will love the contrast these two components of the dish offer, and enjoy every single bite of this appetizer. Continue reading

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