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Shrimp Appetizers

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Asian Appetizers – Fried Wontons, Prawn Toast and Spring Rolls

Today I have three recipes in one they all just seem to go well together and if you are having an Asian themed dinner party this trio of shrimp appetizers would be a great big hit with guest. Shrimp as an appetizer item is always popular and I am sure this set of appetizers would be a wonderful hit with guest. Now a brief culinary word on prawns vs. shrimp form a culinary perspective almost no one would be able to tell you the difference in a blind taste test the difference between the two. Form factual bases they are two different species. Prawns are a fresh water shellfish and have three legs with claws while shrimp are a salt-water crustacean that only has claws on two legs also prawn is much more common in commonwealth countries while here in the states often the shrimp term wins out. Feel free to interchange in recipes all you want.

About the Fried Wontons

Many of us are familiar with crab Rangoon it is just one form of fried wontons that is a popular appetizer in Chinese restaurants. But fried wontons are not just limited to crab and cream cheese there are many different types a popular one is cranberry and brie cheese. Also is if you like the general cooking technique for these you can mix and match the fillings to your liking this is just one idea of a tasty filling that you can make and then fry as an Asian style wonton appetizer. Feel free to use whatever dipping sauce you like best. Also I fold these up into a money bag style but there are other folding styles for wontons you could choose just make sure to seal them really well so the contents don’t leak out in the frying process.

About the Prawn Toast

Prawn toast is a very simple yet tasty appetizer that is super simple to make and prepare. Use peanut oil for frying it has a much higher smoke point and will let you flash fry these so they soak up less oil at the higher temperature and also it adds a nice flavor to the food in my opinion and really is my deep frying oil of choice for most things. Use some caution in spreading the shrimp (prawn) mixture on the bread so you don’t tear it apart and try and keep it thin and consistent for more uniform taste when done. These are wicked fast and simple to make after a bit of practice. Continue reading

Easy Shrimp and Cottage Cheese Canapes

These shrimp and cottage cheese canapes make great finger food. You can serve them as part of a buffet or as a snack. Count on 1 or 2 per person. Although you can make them an hour or so ahead and keep them on a platter in the refrigerator if needed, they are best served immediately while the lettuce is still crisp and the butter has not had chance to make the crackers soggy. You can cook the shrimp ahead though.

Whole wheat crackers work nicely for this easy canape recipe, but you can use any kind you want really – square, oblong or round, whole wheat or white, even fancy ones with poppy or sesame seeds, or cheese flavored crackers. The lettuce can be any kind too but we recommend Boston (also known as Bibb or butter lettuce) for its nice, bright green color, or romaine. If you are using a small-leaf kind or baby leaves, that is also fine. Just use the leaves whole instead of tearing them up like you would do for the bigger leaves. Rinse your lettuce before using to remove any little insects or bits of sand or soil.

Plain, chive or pineapple flavored cottage cheese would work in this recipe, since all of those flavors work well with the taste of the seafood. As for the shrimp, you can buy ready-cooked shrimp or just cook your own. Boil them in just a couple of minutes. Let them cool before use and perhaps drain the shrimp on paper towels so they are completely dry when you add them to the canapes. We suggest leaving the tails on because they look prettier like that, but of course you can use the tail-off kind if that is all you have. These canapes are really simple to make and you might like to make changes. Consider making some with avocado (soaked in lime juice so it does not turn brown) or cucumber instead of shrimp so the vegetarians can enjoy these little bites as well. Continue reading

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Appetizer Recipe

A Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Appetizer Recipe is the perfect spicy starter to any Mexican meal. You can serve these spicy palate pleasers as a romantic appetizer for two or for parties of 6 or more. There are so many great occasions to add some flavor the the mix with some sultry shrimp cocktails from south of the border. Mexican shrimp recipes that add kick to the appetizer table.

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Appetizer Recipe

Shrimp infused with a bit of heat and creamy avocado make the perfect appetizer. So delicious and absolutely the perfect appetizer with a bowl of crunchy corn chips.

These perfect shrimp infused with delicate heat are a great taste treat with a cold frothy beer at your next Super bowl party.

They are perfect for any party, really. These can be made ahead and chilled until ready to serve. Then simply serve and let your guests enjoy. Continue reading

Green Pea Guacamole and Shrimp Appetizer

This is a great appetizer and you can make it in advance if you like. Just keep it covered and refrigerated until it is time to serve. The cilantro gives this guacamole a bright flavor and the lime gives it a tang. The chipotle chili raises the heat a notch although you can omit this if you are not keen on chilies or you want a very mild result.

This guacamole is nice served with the shrimp, or you could serve it on top of grilled fish or chicken, or as a taco or burrito topping. It is not essential to cook or thaw the frozen peas before adding them but let the guacamole sit at room temperature for half an hour before you serve it to ensure the peas are thawed and also to allow the flavors to blend.

Serve this before any meat, poultry, or fish entrée, as a light yet satisfying appetizer. The portions are small enough to stimulate your appetite without filling you up too much, and this is a nice-looking appetizer as well as a great-flavored one. It is always worthwhile doubling the guacamole recipe, so you can eat the remainder of the guacamole the following day with fish or meat, or even as a dip for chips or crudités. Continue reading

Elegant Shrimp Guacamole Appetizer

Avocado and shrimp make wonderful partners. One popular appetizer is made by combining shrimp with Thousand Island dressing and serving it in half an avocado, in the hole left by removing the stone. Shrimp cocktail is also popular, and that also combines the shrimp with Thousand Island dressing and salad ingredients. The following recipe also pairs these ingredients but in a slightly different way. The avocado is transformed into a tasty homemade guacamole, by adding red onion, cilantro, lime juice, and some jalapeno for heat, and then it is topped with a plump, juicy shrimp.

This makes a very attractive appetizer and is an unusual yet delicious way of pairing these lovely ingredients for a visual feast as well as a flavorful one. Use large shrimp if you can get them, and make sure you remove the black vein which runs along the back. Although it is possible to eat that part, it is often gritty (it is the digestive tract after all, and often contains sand and grit) so it is best to take it out before you cook the shrimp.

Serve this just as it is, or with a couple of slices of French bread or some chips on the side. You can serve this as a buffet appetizer if you prefer. Simply serve the guacamole on a chilled platter and the shrimp from another bowl, so people can help themselves to some of each. Continue reading

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