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Seafood Appetizers

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Smoked Salmon Mini Pancake Rolls with Feta Cream Cheese

Now you could make this full size and make it into a main meal if you like but in this smaller size as we are using them here they make a delightful appetizer recipe. Many when they here crepes or think of them think of them as a dessert item but as you will see in the following recipe they can be teamed up with savor ingredients and used to make a delightful savory dish instead. The crepe is merely a deliver vessel in this recipe mainly the true stars of the show are the wonderful smoked salmon and the combination of the feta and cream cheese blended into one which give each other a bit more savory taste then the cream cheese would have on its own. To further enhance this I add a bit of fresh chive and dill to the mixture and it makes for one well balanced filling for our crepes.

As smoked salmon can be a bit pricy I would suggest reserving this recipe for when you are having a special dinner with someone or a smaller group as this would get kind of expensive for a large crowd. Now feel free if money is of no question this surely will make a statement as it is not the normal pigs in a blanket kind of appetizer. It will also more likely go over with a more mature crowd then with the kids most kids are not too keen on fish as where a more mature pallet will adore them and truly appreciate what you have served up.

Also as I mention somewhere in this post I get lost as to where I am about this point in the writing process sorry if I am repeating but it deserves a second mention that these can be made ahead of time and then just covered loosely with plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator just take them out a bit ahead of your serving time so they can come to about room temperature is best so the cheese is soft instead of real hard. Because the fish is smoked they will do ok out without ice well for a normal day you don’t want to put them out in the sun for like a cookout though would be pushing it. But for a nice regular day inside they will do well at room temp for a decent amount of time. Continue reading

Asian Appetizers – Fried Wontons, Prawn Toast and Spring Rolls

Today I have three recipes in one they all just seem to go well together and if you are having an Asian themed dinner party this trio of shrimp appetizers would be a great big hit with guest. Shrimp as an appetizer item is always popular and I am sure this set of appetizers would be a wonderful hit with guest. Now a brief culinary word on prawns vs. shrimp form a culinary perspective almost no one would be able to tell you the difference in a blind taste test the difference between the two. Form factual bases they are two different species. Prawns are a fresh water shellfish and have three legs with claws while shrimp are a salt-water crustacean that only has claws on two legs also prawn is much more common in commonwealth countries while here in the states often the shrimp term wins out. Feel free to interchange in recipes all you want.

About the Fried Wontons

Many of us are familiar with crab Rangoon it is just one form of fried wontons that is a popular appetizer in Chinese restaurants. But fried wontons are not just limited to crab and cream cheese there are many different types a popular one is cranberry and brie cheese. Also is if you like the general cooking technique for these you can mix and match the fillings to your liking this is just one idea of a tasty filling that you can make and then fry as an Asian style wonton appetizer. Feel free to use whatever dipping sauce you like best. Also I fold these up into a money bag style but there are other folding styles for wontons you could choose just make sure to seal them really well so the contents don’t leak out in the frying process.

About the Prawn Toast

Prawn toast is a very simple yet tasty appetizer that is super simple to make and prepare. Use peanut oil for frying it has a much higher smoke point and will let you flash fry these so they soak up less oil at the higher temperature and also it adds a nice flavor to the food in my opinion and really is my deep frying oil of choice for most things. Use some caution in spreading the shrimp (prawn) mixture on the bread so you don’t tear it apart and try and keep it thin and consistent for more uniform taste when done. These are wicked fast and simple to make after a bit of practice. Continue reading

Roasted Red Potatoes with Salmon Roe and Sour Cream

These are simple to prepare and they are pretty too, boasting red, orange and green colors. We are using baby red potatoes, scooping out some of the flesh for the sour cream filling (you can save the flesh for another use, such as adding it to soup for example) and then topping with chives and salmon roe. Salmon roe is a tasty seafood treat from the Pacific coast. These orange salmon eggs are salty, delicate and really good.

We like to use baby red potatoes just because they are more colorful than their brown or white-skinned counterparts. A melon baller is the simplest way to hollow them out but if you do not have such a utensil, use the smallest spoon you have. Do not remove too much. You still want the potatoes to hold their shape. Just remove a bit so you can get some sour cream in there. Then the salmon roe goes on top (or you could use the more expensive black caviar if you prefer – you only need a tiny bit on each appetizer) and finally the snipped chives to finish off the presentation.

If you want to tweak these, consider swapping the salmon roe for crumbled bacon and the chives for grated cheese. That would make a great appetizer for Superbowl or for a crowd who are more into baked potatoes than gourmet seafood treats. It just depends on the occasion and who is coming over. These little bites may be served chilled, at room temperature or warm. Do not serve them too hot though, because then the sour cream will melt and ooze out. That might be fine if you are serving them on plates but if you are choosing to offer these as finger food you will want them cooler so they are less messy to eat. If you are looking for some easy potato appetizers, give this recipe a try. Continue reading

Anchovy and Dill Canapes

These tasty little seafood canapes are ideal for any occasion. Serve them with a glass of wine when your guests arrive or have them on a platter where people can serve themselves. Everyone can identify the anchovies on there so anyone who is not a seafood fan can give them a miss. For everyone else though, these are really good, and the flavors are subtle but they blend together perfectly and you can make these canapes speedily.

Canapes which you can pop into your mouth or eat in a couple of bites are always popular at parties. These are not messy, as long as you pat the anchovies on paper towels to get rid of the oil, and take care you do not make the cream cheese mixture too thin. Although we would add a splash of milk if we wanted to make a dressing rather than a spread, that is not necessary here. A few drops of lemon juice will not water it down too much. As for the horseradish, if you want to add a little of that, you will find just a tiny bit on the tip of a knife blade should be sufficient since it’s strong.

Dill weed is a great herb to pair with seafood, which is why we are using it in this recipe – a little minced and stirred into the cream cheese, and the rest added as whole sprigs to the finished canapes, to add an elegant touch to the presentation. These canapes are best served as soon as you make them, before the cream cheese has time to soak into the crackers or bread, making them soggy. As for the base, choose from crackers (any kind) or else toast some bread on both sides and then use a cookie cutter to cut out rounds. If you do not have one, use a mug, pushing it down hard and twisting it, or else just de-crust each slice and then cut each toast slice into 4 little squares instead. Continue reading

Delicate Mini Smoked Salmon and Caviar Appetizer

If you are looking for big, hearty appetizers, this is probably the opposite to what you had in mind, but these amazing salmon and caviar appetizers have their own merits. Perhaps you are tired of chips and dips, sliders and potato skins, and would prefer something a bit different this time, in which case have a look at this recipe. It could be that you were looking for something dainty and elegant, in which case this is ideal.

You can make these little treats up to an hour ahead, as long as you keep them refrigerated, and you need very few ingredients. Serve this in glasses or in large Chinese-style spoons, as you prefer. It is better in glasses though, so the attractive layers are visible.

This appetizer is basically a layered amuse-bouche (a pre-appetizer) and it is small and light enough to serve with a cocktail before your main appetizer. Two kinds of caviar are layered with sour cream and then topped with smoked salmon and chives. The concept is simple but the result is incredible. A quick word about the caviar: match it to your budget – you do not have to bankrupt yourself. Fish eggs range from the economically priced to the extortionate, so buy whichever you can afford. Even the cheap ones taste nice and only a connoisseur can appreciate, or even identify, the truly expensive ones. Continue reading

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