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Candied Recipes

Delicate Candied Violets Appetizers

Candied violets are beautiful appetizers, both in their soft and floral flavor and the way they look. You can serve them on their own or to garnish coulis or cake. Only use perfect flowers because their appearance is part of their charm.

If you are looking for fancy appetizer recipes to serve alongside your seafood appetizers, shrimp appetizers and holiday appetizer recipes, these beautiful candied violets are very fancy and very elegant. You can use them to decorate salads or little tarts. You can use them to decorate desserts or you can simply arrange them in a bowl or on a plate for people to admire and taste. If you are looking for something unusual to serve, this recipe for candied violets fits the bill.

Only use flowers that you are sure are free from pesticides. Do not dry the flowers in the direct sun because they will wilt instead of setting. You can keep candied violets for up to a month after making them, stored in an airtight glass container. Put a baking paper layer between each layer of violets so they do not stick to one another and keep them in a cool and dry place. Continue reading

Candied Lemon Peel Appetizers

Making candied lemon peel is a great way to use up leftover lemon rind. It is great as an appetizer, as a snack with coffee or to decorate cakes. You can also chop it up and put it in cookies. Candied lemon peel tastes just like candy and you can actually use any citrus fruit to make candied fruit recipes. You might like to substitute orange peel, lime peel or grapefruit peel for the lemon peel, depending on how you are going to use it.

Cloves and brandy are used in some candied orange peel recipes and candied lemon peel recipes to add a spicy flavor but a simple sugar and water combination is perfect for the basic candied lemon peel recipe. You might like to make candied orange peel and candied lemon peel and serve them together.

This is such a simple recipe and a versatile one also. Serve candied lemon peel as a garnish, as a decoration to brighten up a bowl of green salad, as a topping for lemon cheesecake or a lemon pudding or serve it by itself for people to snack on. Lemon is very bitter, as you know, but candied lemon peel is sweet and juicy. Continue reading

Delicious Candied Orange Peel Recipe

This recipe for candied orange peel requires a couple of days for the peel to dry out properly so you will have to plan ahead if you want to make this. You can make as much as you want because candied orange peel keeps for a couple of months in the freezer.

This candied orange peel recipe makes a couple of cups so you can freeze some and either serve the rest as appetizers or use it to top other appetizers or just for decoration. You might like to use some candied orange peel to top a cream cheese on crackers appetizer or to garnish a dish of seafood. There are plenty of uses for this candied orange peel recipe, from using it to top a jello cheesecake to using it to add color and tang to a salad recipe. It is therefore worth making extra if you want to.

This simple candied orange peel recipe combines just three ingredients and the recipe itself is easy to follow. Candied orange peel can be considered one of our easy party appetizers although it is nearly always used as an ingredient in another dish or as a garnish, rather than being served by itself. Continue reading

Easy Candied Pecans Recipe

Candied pecans are an unusual appetizer and, in the following candied pecans recipe, vanilla and cinnamon are used to add a wonderful aroma and flavor. These appetizers are quick and easy to make and you can use them to top desserts as well as a party appetizer. There are different candied pecans recipes you can try but the flavors in the following recipe are especially good.

Pecans are used in many recipes, from easy party appetizers to desserts. Their unique flavor and delicious crunchy consistency makes them ideal for using in a variety of recipes. Pecans go well with cheese for a savory dish and you can use them in salad recipes. They are also nice combined with sweet flavors like vanilla and cinnamon and candied pecans are really good. They will definitely be popular at your party – perhaps not with anyone wearing dentures but certainly with everyone else!

The following recipe makes half a cup of candied pecans but you can double the recipe if you have a lot of people coming over. Also, you can store candied pecans in an airtight container at room temperature for a while if you do happen to make too many or have some left over. Continue reading

Authentic Southern Candied Yams

This candied sweet potato recipe makes a delightful and unusual appetizer. Southern candied yams can be served as an accompaniment to a meal and they are popular at thanksgiving. Their sweet flavor and the fact that you can slice them up into bite size pieces makes these candied sweet potatoes perfect for appetizers. Candied yams are simple to make and these easy party appetizers will go down very well at your party with adults and kids alike.

Yams are already sweet but using maple syrup, brown sugar and marshmallows to make them extra sweet really does do them justice. This is a traditional recipe and candied sweet potatoes or candied yams are served in various counties, not just the United States. These southern candied yams are delicious served hot or warm and they are one of the most mouthwatering hot appetizer recipes of all.

You can use canned yams rather than fresh ones if that is all that is available. If you want to do that, simply skip the first part of the candied sweet potato recipe and go to the part where you dot them with butter because they will already be fork tender. Continue reading