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Indian Poppadums with Lime Pickle

This is a great appetizer and you can add some mango chutney and raita (cucumber and mint yogurt dip) to the mix if you wish, serving your poppadum with a trio of typical Indian dips. These 3 are nice to serve together because of the contrast. You have cool creaminess from the raita, sweetness from the mango chutney and a sour tang from the lime pickle, but there is no need to make all of them. Just make the pickle and buy the other 2 if you like. This is the most popular appetizer in an Indian restaurant and a lot of them will offer this for free in such a restaurant.

The great thing about this recipe is you can choose what you buy and what you make. For example, you might be curious about making the poppadums but prefer to buy the lime pickle, or you might want to make lime pickle and purchase the poppadums. Here are the 2 recipes in case you want to make both! Bear in mind the lime pickle needs some planning. You need to salt the limes and leave them in the sun for a few days then add more salt and leave the jar in the sun for a month!

So make sure you plan to make this during the summer months when you have more sun. You can leave the jars on the windowsill or outdoors if you have a balcony, patio or backyard. It goes without saying homemade food is always better than readymade produce but if you do want to make this today or tomorrow then buy some lime pickle and make the poppadums yourself. This makes a lovely appetizer to serve before an Indian main dish. Continue reading

Easy Cheese Balls with Indian Green Chutney

If you are looking for Indian appetizer recipes, you will like this delicious cheese ball recipe. The cheese balls are served warm and the chutney is chilled. The cheese balls contain cheese, potato, corn, lentils and more. They are covered in batter and fine breadcrumbs. This is a good vegetarian party appetizer and it is as nice at a buffet as at a dinner party.

A green Indian chutney is the perfect accompaniment. This recipe for the chutney makes about a cup but you can make double the amount if you want, because it keeps in the refrigerator for up to a week. The cilantro and mint add a fresh flavor and the lemon juice keeps the herbs bright green. Leave out some or all of the chili in the green chutney if you want to make a milder dip.

These easy party appetizers are really packed with flavor and they are also a good way of using leftover mashed potato. Serve them with toothpicks and napkins, so people can help themselves to the cheese balls and dip them into the chutney without making too much of a mess. Continue reading