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How to Make Gyros

Gyros are a delicious Greek recipe and if you are looking for tasty Superbowl recipes, this is certainly one to consider. There are different ways of making gyros. If you order one in Greece, the meat will probably be shaved off a vertical, rotating spit of meat and it will be served in flat bread with tomatoes and onions and perhaps some hot sauce.

In the following recipe, stir fried steak is used instead of the enormous spit of meat and flour tortillas make a good wrapping for the meat filling. You could use pita bread if you prefer it though. Wrapping the gyros in foil is another good idea because they tend to drip out the end.

Whether you are catering for a buffet, looking for international appetizer recipes or the best hot appetizer recipes, you will fall in love with these delicious Greek gyros. Not only are they simple to make, because you just need to stir fry the ingredients, but they are bursting with flavor. The oregano, garlic, jalapeno, ranch dressing, tomatoes, and other ingredients really complement the meaty flavor of the steak and this recipe is sure to be a hit at your buffet or as one of your Superbowl food recipes. Continue reading

The Most Delicious Vegetarian Dolma Recipe

This is a delicately spiced Turkish dish. You can serve dolmas hot or chilled and lemon juice is nice with them. You can stuff and roll the dolmas the night before making them, if that simplifies things. Grape leaves are nice to work with but bear in mind some might have holes in or be torn, so it is best to have extra ones in case you need them. You need to remove the roll of grape leaves from the can in one go, and then unroll them one by one.

This dolma recipe combines an interesting mixture of spices and flavorings, namely mint, cinnamon, cumin, allspice, dill, currants and more. This might sound like an eclectic combination and it works really well with the rice mixture. The pine nuts add a delicious flavor and you can even use extra if you want. Use white grape raisins if you cannot find currants.

These easy party appetizers are perfect if you are looking for hot appetizers and if you want something international and interesting. Serve these dolmas warm if you want to be traditional or chilled if it is a warm evening. This is perfect if you are looking for holiday appetizer recipes because dolmas are guaranteed to get your guests talking about how delicious they are. A vegetarian dolma makes a lovely appetizer before any kind of entree. They are also good at a buffet. Continue reading

Greek Feta and Spinach Filo Pastry Appetizers

This wonderful Greek recipe combines pungent garlic, toasty pine nuts, and salty feta cheese in buttery filo layers. These little pasty treats freeze well so you can make a big batch of them. The spinach and feta in a pastry crust is teamed with garlic, scallions, lemon juice and pine nuts for a melt in the mouth appetizer, which is sure to be a hit at your party.

You can make these easy party appetizers quickly if you use frozen filo pastry, which is also spelled phyllo pastry. Spinach and feta go together beautifully and your guests will be sure to adore these. You can serve the feta and spinach filo pastry appetizers alone or with some salad. This is an authentic Greek appetizer recipe and the taste is indescribably good.

Greek food is always popular at buffets, partly because it is so tasty and partly because Greek appetizers are traditionally served at room temperature and you do not have to worry about keeping them warm or keeping them chilled. This includes Greek dip recipes like taramasalata, hummus and more, Greek salad and other Greek recipes like this one. You can serve these feta and spinach filo pastry appetizers hot, warm or at room temperature. Continue reading

Greek Yogurt Dip with Feta Cheese

This light and refreshing dip is ideal with anything dry or spicy. The flavors of mint and yogurt are cooling, especially if you are dipping a spicy food. The feta and sour cream have sharp flavors and the garlic goes perfectly too. Feta has a strong, slightly sour flavor, making it great to contrast with spicy foods. Feta is one of the most popular Greek cheeses and you can use it to make Greek salads, as well as to make tasty dip recipes.

This Greek yogurt dip can be served with lamb kebabs, crudités, flatbread, or any other easy party appetizers, which would go. Cool slices of cucumber go well, as do crunchy asparagus spears. You can garnish this Greek yogurt dip with some cilantro leaves, mint leaves, or even a sprinkling of paprika over the top. Greek dips are good chilled or at room temperature, so you can serve it how you like.

There are different yogurt dip recipes, such as curry yogurt vegetable dip and tomato flavored yogurt dips but this recipe for yogurt dip is very easy to make and you simply have to put everything in a blender and process until smooth and creamy. Continue reading