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Honey and Rosemary Baked Brie

This is a wonderful place to do some experimenting with new taste both sweet and savory and in different combinations. Almost any combination you can imagine is possible, here are just a few you could bake the brie with different herbs and spice for example pesto, garlic, maybe some caramelized onions and mushrooms on the savory side. You could try using different preserves or fruits such as berries, figs, and as we do in this one apple although I used red in this recipe you could use green apples for a nice tart taste. You could use different things in palace of honey like agave nectar or maple syrup. There are all kinds of possibilities experiment and you will discover different ways you hadn’t tried before. Also different kinds of nuts both candied and salty if you like are possible options.

While serving your freshly baked brie ask your guest if they have a favorite combination or way of baking brie they could be a huge wealth of information with direct feedback. Sometimes discovering what others like leads us to things we also like and then we have a common in with that person. Food can be such a good opening door to get to know family and friends better after all is there anything more basic to all of us then food. If you find you have some common food likes who knows what other things you may have in common.

Cheese is a perennial favorite in the appetizer world it comes in so many different styles and no two people have the same love of different cheese. It is great if you are having a party with wine and it is such a light starter that you don’t have to worry if you are having a dinner party of filling your guest up before the main course. It has so many wonderful pairings to go with it too from fruit to nuts and crackers and bread. The beauty of this recipe is we transfer the brie into something special when baking it and it takes on such a lovely sweet flavor from the honey and then is balanced out by the fresh rosemary. Continue reading

Crayfish and Salmon Terrine

This looks like a complicated, gourmet dish so when you read the recipe you will be surprised just how easy it is to prepare. Basically you just need to poach the fish, then combine it with the other ingredients, and put the mixture into a loaf pan or cake pan. The salmon and crayfish taste beautiful together and the green peas add a color accent. The recipe also features white wine, cream, herbs, eggs and more, to get the right flavor and consistency.

So what is a terrine anyway, you might be wondering. Actually a terrine is very similar to a pate except the ingredients are more coarsely chopped. Serve a terrine chilled or at room temperature with bread. Although such a dish seems scarily sophisticated, a terrine is not hard to make at all, and you do not need any complicated ingredients either. Terrines might be made of fish, seafood, meat or poultry, or a combination of these. You can make a terrine a day ahead if you wish, then simply serve it with bread and bring out some white wine too. That is your appetizer course taken care of, and there is no doubt this recipe will wow your dinner guests.

Terrine recipes vary greatly in France and some are made to use the parts of an animal you might not otherwise wish to use, so expect to find plenty of fat in there, as well as ingredients like duck livers, offal and brisket fat. In this recipe we are using salmon filet and crayfish for a delicate flavor. This is a nice introduction to terrine recipes, and you might want to try another recipe for it in the future after sampling this one. Continue reading

French Appetizers Recipes

Easy French Bread Pizzas

You can now make your own French appetizers recipes for your parties, adding an Italian twist too. Enjoy all the pastries you love in mini portions with our amazing easy party recipes, and make the dishes you love for friends and family when they come over. Make the best appetizer recipes for your parties, picnics and potlucks, and everyone will be eating very well indeed. These personal pizza bites are a wonderful choice because they are satisfying yet not too filling. Serve them hot from the oven and everyone will fall in love with their incredible aroma and great flavor.

When discovering all the ways that French cuisine can make wonderful appetizers, we stumbled upon this recipe and just had to share it, because who does not love pizza? Mini quiches and other delightful treats are a great way to entertain, but if you want something hot, then choose this dish. Serve French appetizers recipes before you main course to take the edge off. Serve these tasty party appetizer recipes with your favorite wines or even with a beer for a more casual snack. Making these recipes is sophisticated and classy for parties and social gatherings, and everyone will know they are homemade. Continue reading

Vol-au-vents with a Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Filling

These wonderful little snacks are easy to make and the combination of chicken, mushrooms and white sauce gives these homemade vol-au-vents a great filling. You can either serve these hot, warm, or cold; they are great served at any temperature. If you want a glossy finish, you can brush egg on to them before baking. Chicken broth added to the pastry recipe adds extra flavor and will suit this vol-au-vent recipe, but that is optional.

Chicken and mushrooms are served together in many different recipes, both appetizer and entree recipes. You can combine chicken and mushrooms if you are making tartlets, soup, curry or another dish because the earthy mushroom flavor and the mild taste of the chicken are great partners. Use chicken breast, chicken thigh meat or any kind of chicken you have. If you happen to have leftovers just use those but pick them over first to remove any pieces of bone.

If you have the time and the inclination, you might want to try making your own pastry, rather than using store-bought. This recipe yields a pound of rough puff pastry, which tastes just like regular puff pastry but is easier to make. You will need fifteen minutes to make it and an hour chilling time. Whatever dough you do not use will keep well in the freezer, wrapped in plastic, for up to a month. You can halve this recipe if you prefer to make less. Continue reading

Tasty Brandied Chicken Liver Pate Recipe

Did you know you can make pate in the crockpot? Actually it is a great method of making a homemade pate recipe because when you use an oven it can dry out. That will not happen in the slow cooker. You can use this recipe as a general guideline if you want, altering the flavorings and spices. Just make sure you keep the volumes of other ingredients the same. This is such an easy recipe to make and it is wonderful served on toast with some lettuce leaves or fresh herbs for a colorful garnish on top.

It is up to you how coarsely or finely you chop the onion and chicken livers. If you want a coarse pate, chop them coarsely or, for a finer textured one, chop them more finely. After adding the herbs to the mixture in the pan, you can blend the mixture in a blender if you want a completely smooth pate or leave it if you want some texture. A completely smooth pate is also known as a parfait. It is nice smooth, a bit chunky or very coarse. It just depends on your personal preference.

Something else you might like to do to make this recipe even more delicious is cover the inside of the greased terrine dish with slices of bacon before you put the pate mixture in there. This will infuse the pate with the bacon flavor. Then you can serve the bacon with the pate or simply discard it. You can really make this pate recipe your own by experimenting with the different flavors and additions. Continue reading