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English Sausage Rolls Recipe

Delicious English Sausage Rolls Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious roll recipe that is quick and easy and great for a on-the-go lunch? Try my amazing English Sausage Rolls Recipe today and you will absolutely love it!

English Sausage Rolls

Living in a house full of guys I am always looking for new snack ideas that will appeal to their man sized appetites but which are nutritious as well and will give them the energy to see them through the rest of the afternoon until I serve dinner.

These great sausage rolls fit the bill nicely. They are full of protein, great to go grabbers in that they can eat on their way out the door, in the car and even on their bikes. The kids love them because they’re easy to handle and fun to dip in all their favorite sauces. Even my husband likes to dip them in his favorite sauce combinations! Continue reading

How to Make Mince Pies

Mince pies are so easy to make and holiday appetizer recipes like this one are ideal for thanksgiving or Christmas. You can make regular sized ones or “petit fours” sized minced pies using a canapé-sized muffin tin with smaller holes. These British style festive sweet pastries are filled with mincemeat, which is an apple, spice and dried fruit preserve, and encased in delicious pastry. You can use white sugar in this recipe if you can’t find golden sugar.

So, what is the history of mince pies? Actually they date back to the Middle Ages and originally contained ground meat along with spices and fruit to add flavor and preserve the meat. King Henry V was given a mince pie in 1413 at his coronation and they used to be known as wayfarer pies because their small size meant they made a good appetizer recipe for guests. Modern mince pies do not contain ground meat but they do contain suet so they are not suitable for vegetarians.

Serve mince pies with a glass of champagne or fruit punch or arrange them on a serving platter at a buffet. If you are looking for holiday appetizer recipes which are sweet, traditional and simple to make, you might like to make mince pies. You can even use pie filling instead of the mincemeat to make your own version of this delicious appetizer recipe. Continue reading

Brandy Snaps with Whipped Cream

Brandy snaps are a traditional Christmas food and they are especially well loved in the UK. These crunchy treats make easy party appetizers. You can also serve them with a coffee or as dessert. Brandy snaps are really mouthwatering and you can either roll them into tubes or into cone shapes, before filling them with cream. If you are looking for sweet appetizer recipes and the best holiday appetizer recipes you might want to consider this tasty recipe.

Of course, like all the best holiday appetizer recipes, you can serve brandy snaps at other times if you like. They are too good to save for only Christmas. Why not surprise your guests with these easy party appetizers the next time you have a buffet or even if you just have some people over for coffee. If you make cookies or cakes to serve with coffee, these brandy snaps can make a welcome change.

You can use any type of brandy for making this recipe because you only need a teaspoon of it and the brandy is for flavor. If you don’t want to use it, you could use brandy essence or even leave it out altogether, although obviously this will change the flavor of these easy party appetizers. Continue reading

The Best Pumpkin Scones Recipe with Parsley Butter

These pumpkins scones are full of flavor and the pumpkin gives them a light orange color which is really appetizing. If you are making a recipe for pumpkin scones for a buffet, you can serve them sliced in half with the parsley butter on the side in a dish, so people can help themselves to it. The butter is good chilled or at room temperature. It is good chilled if you serve the scones hot because it melts into them, but if the scones have cooled down a bit, warm butter will spread better over them.

Parsley butter is simple to make and you can store it for a week in the refrigerator or a month in the freezer. Feel free to use different herbs if you want. Chives, dill, tarragon, sage, thyme, cilantro and rosemary are all good for making herb butter recipes and you can either mix two or more herbs or use just one. The parsley goes especially well with the pumpkin flavor in the following pumpkin scones recipe. You can use herb butter on other dishes too, such as steamed vegetables, pasta recipes and fish dishes.

These easy party appetizers will look great on a buffet table and they are also nice to offer around at the beginning of a seated dinner party, in addition to or instead of the bread and butter. Continue reading