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Creole Boiled Shrimp with Tomato Wine Recipe

Boiled shrimps can be used in many recipes, from sweet and sour Asian dishes to seafood salads to appetizers. If you are watching your weight, boiled shrimp calories are very low. Shrimp is very healthy and a great source of protein. Most people really like the taste of shrimp and some people claim it is their favorite type of seafood. A gourmet shrimp dish served with a bold flavored white wine is a surefire way to impress somebody.

The following recipe makes good use of boiled shrimps, tomatoes, red wine, and chives. You can make the sauce a day ahead if you want to. It often comes out richer and smoother when you do! The list of ingredients might seem long but you will have most of the seasonings in your cupboard already and once you have made this amazing shrimp recipe you are sure to want to make it again and again.

This recipe is ideal for seafood loves and Creole boiled shrimp certainly is not lacking in flavor. It is not fiery hot but it does pack a big flavor punch. Boiled shrimp recipes range from mild and delicate to full-flavored and bold and this shrimp and wine recipe makes use of garlic, cayenne, mace, basil and many other vibrant flavors. Shrimp has its own distinctive flavor, which most of us know well, and this pairs with all kinds of sauces. If you want a boiled shrimp recipe, which boasts plenty of wonderful flavor, try this Creole boiled shrimp recipe for dinner tonight. Continue reading

Cajun Oven Fried Vegetables

This Cajun vegetables recipe is extremely simple to make and if you like fried vegetables, you will love the simple flavor of this dish. Mushrooms, zucchini, and bell pepper are coated in a breadcrumb, egg, and Cajun seasoning mixture and baked until hot and fragrant. You can serve these hot appetizers alone or with a lime mayonnaise or garlic mayonnaise for dipping. A salsa would also be a good dip for these easy party appetizers.

This is not one of the most fancy appetizer recipes but you can serve the crumb-coated vegetables on a tray with a small bowl of garlic mayonnaise in the middle. Make sure they cool down for ten minutes before serving. As with all hot appetizer recipes, people can burn their mouths if you forget this. Cajun vegetables taste best warm instead of hot anyway.

These Cajun vegetables make brilliant party appetizers and you could even try making this with other types of vegetables. If you want to use dense vegetables like potatoes or yams, parboil them first. Fried vegetables make a delicious appetizer, no matter what the main course is going to be. This recipe is so simple to make and you can even try imitation crab instead of fried vegetables if you want to make seafood appetizers. Continue reading

How to Make Cajun Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

This Cajun chicken recipe combines the flavors of chicken, cheese, bell pepper, cilantro and more to make mouthwatering chicken and cheese quesadillas. The Cajun chicken comes out juicy and delicious and the other ingredients are perfect with this chicken quesadilla recipe. Cut the quesadillas into wedges to serve and this makes handy appetizer-sized portions.

Quesadillas are nice served warm but you can serve them cool if you want to. A chunky tomato salsa is the perfect accompaniment to this Cajun chicken quesadilla recipe and a green salad looks good on the serving platter too. You can modify the amount of chili pepper in this chicken and cheese quesadillas recipe if you want to, spicing it up or making it milder, as you wish.

This is one of our tastiest hot appetizer recipes and if you want something filling and warm to serve next to your chilled seafood appetizers and homemade dip recipes, this Cajun chicken recipe is ideal. This is an appetizer recipe which is well suited to nearly any occasion and which guests of all ages will love. There are various quesadilla recipe to choose from, including plain cheese ones, vegetable ones and even a peanut butter quesadillas recipe but this chicken and cheese quesadilla recipe is really good. Continue reading