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Herbed Cheese and Egg Stuffed Tomatoes Appetizer

I wanted to make for you an appetizer that would look attractive and was simple to make. I know when I have guest I like to put a bit of the wow factor into my appetizers so they are already impressed before they even take a bit and then when they do I drive it home with flavor. We all love deviled eggs but they are kind of predictable and a close cousin to the deviled egg is egg salad which is easy to dress up and make a big statement with something so otherwise ordinary.

Well how do you dress up egg salad to appear to be more then it is? How about giving it a new coat I mean anyone can put it on or between a slice of bread or two but what if we give it a shiny bright red coat and serve it in a tomato bowl. An edible serving vessel is always a good way to go with appetizers it makes serving so much easier and often elevates the dish from the plain to the sublime.

Now I used vine ripened tomatoes for mine as I love the garden grown flavor of them more than other tomatoes but you could easily adjust this recipe to use cherry tomatoes if you wanted to make little bite sized poppers so to speak they would be a bit more finicky on the hollowing out part but with a bit of care could be pulled off nicely. If doing this I would suggest making the egg mixture a bit finer and not quite as big of white pieces of the egg maybe even go as far as to use just the yoke part. If doing that you could even do it with grape tomatoes for kid sized bites. But you decide what works best for your party application. Continue reading

Feta Cheese and Tomato Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of those cold appetizers that often make an appearance at get-togethers and special occasions. When you pop a deviled egg half into your mouth you usually expect a creamy filling often with a hint of Tabasco sauce in there. Here though, we are changing things up by including tomato and cheese in the filling, and this twist on the classic deviled eggs recipe works really well if you want something more unusual.

The first thing to do is boil the eggs. We suggest boiling them for 12 minutes then rinsing under cold water and leaving them until cold. Of course you can cook these a day or two ahead if you wish. The filling is made by mashing the egg yolks with mayonnaise, cream and a splash of vinegar, along with tomatoes and feta cheese. Use fresh tomatoes (without the seeds else they add too much moisture) or sundried tomatoes if you have them, along with feta cheese. Minced red peppers would work too if you prefer to use those rather than the tomatoes.

The filling can be mashed as much as you like but you do not have to get it smooth. Leaving some texture in there is nice. To fill the egg whites you can either pipe the mixture using a piping bag or snipping the corner off a plastic bag, or else simply spoon the mixture in there for a more rustic look. The choice is yours. If you plan to make these ahead that is fine, as long as you keep them in an airtight container or on a platter with plastic wrap over them. You can then simply remove the lid or plastic wrap to serve them. As well as making a great appetizer for any occasion, these tomato and feta deviled eggs can be served as part of breakfast or brunch, or else as a snack at any time. Continue reading

Easy Caprese Appetizer Recipe

Quick and Easy Caprese Appetizer Recipe

Make this quick and easy caprese appetizer dish for all your parties. It is incredible simple to make this classic dish which everybody will really enjoy. Caprese appetizers are a quick little Italian finger food that you can throw together easily and you can make quick Italian appetizers such as this in a very short time, and even have time to rustle up more if the first batch gets eaten too quick. Enjoy the tasty blend of mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil for a delicious Italian party treat.

Easy Caprese Appetizer Recipe

This wonderful and easy Caprese Appetizer is light and refreshing. Perfect for those hot summer days. It’s easy to prepare and absolutely delicious.

It makes a perfect appetizer to precede a light summer meal of almost anything you could prepare. Perhaps a wonderful entree and meatball, cheese, and baby gherkin skewers served cold with fresh grape tomatoes and mozzarella. Pass the olive oil and herb vinaigrette for the Mozzarella and tomatoes.

This appetizer can be the beginning of a superb and easy summer dinner served on the patio to enjoy the evening sunset. A glass of slightly sweet and tart red wine goes very well with this recipe. Continue reading