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Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Mini Pancake Rolls with Feta Cream Cheese

Now you could make this full size and make it into a main meal if you like but in this smaller size as we are using them here they make a delightful appetizer recipe. Many when they here crepes or think of them think of them as a dessert item but as you will see in the following recipe they can be teamed up with savor ingredients and used to make a delightful savory dish instead. The crepe is merely a deliver vessel in this recipe mainly the true stars of the show are the wonderful smoked salmon and the combination of the feta and cream cheese blended into one which give each other a bit more savory taste then the cream cheese would have on its own. To further enhance this I add a bit of fresh chive and dill to the mixture and it makes for one well balanced filling for our crepes.

As smoked salmon can be a bit pricy I would suggest reserving this recipe for when you are having a special dinner with someone or a smaller group as this would get kind of expensive for a large crowd. Now feel free if money is of no question this surely will make a statement as it is not the normal pigs in a blanket kind of appetizer. It will also more likely go over with a more mature crowd then with the kids most kids are not too keen on fish as where a more mature pallet will adore them and truly appreciate what you have served up.

Also as I mention somewhere in this post I get lost as to where I am about this point in the writing process sorry if I am repeating but it deserves a second mention that these can be made ahead of time and then just covered loosely with plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator just take them out a bit ahead of your serving time so they can come to about room temperature is best so the cheese is soft instead of real hard. Because the fish is smoked they will do ok out without ice well for a normal day you don’t want to put them out in the sun for like a cookout though would be pushing it. But for a nice regular day inside they will do well at room temp for a decent amount of time. Continue reading

Delicate Mini Smoked Salmon and Caviar Appetizer

If you are looking for big, hearty appetizers, this is probably the opposite to what you had in mind, but these amazing salmon and caviar appetizers have their own merits. Perhaps you are tired of chips and dips, sliders and potato skins, and would prefer something a bit different this time, in which case have a look at this recipe. It could be that you were looking for something dainty and elegant, in which case this is ideal.

You can make these little treats up to an hour ahead, as long as you keep them refrigerated, and you need very few ingredients. Serve this in glasses or in large Chinese-style spoons, as you prefer. It is better in glasses though, so the attractive layers are visible.

This appetizer is basically a layered amuse-bouche (a pre-appetizer) and it is small and light enough to serve with a cocktail before your main appetizer. Two kinds of caviar are layered with sour cream and then topped with smoked salmon and chives. The concept is simple but the result is incredible. A quick word about the caviar: match it to your budget – you do not have to bankrupt yourself. Fish eggs range from the economically priced to the extortionate, so buy whichever you can afford. Even the cheap ones taste nice and only a connoisseur can appreciate, or even identify, the truly expensive ones. Continue reading

Smoked Salmon and Caper Canapés

Smoked salmon is a wonderful ingredient for making appetizers. Whether you use it fresh or smoked, raw or cooked, salmon offers a distinctive pink color which will brighten up any dish, adding its delicious flavor as well as its bright color. Salmon pairs well with many ingredients, such as eggs, capers, pasta, bread, mayonnaise or salad ingredients. The following recipe is incredibly simple, and the salmon is paired with capers. The salty taste of the capers really complements the salmon.

These snacks also include lemon slices, and the fish will take on a slight citrus taste from the lemon. This is a nice, make-ahead appetizer which you can make well in advance. If you are making this an hour in advance you can simply pop the plate into the refrigerator until required. If you are making it several hours in advance, wrap some plastic wrap over the plate to stop the salmon from drying out. These are colorful little appetizers which should appeal to everyone who likes fish.

A few people might eat the lemon slice but most will leave it on the plate, since it is primarily for garnish, plus to add a little lemon flavor to the parts of the salmon in contact with it. These appetizers are good for all kinds of get-togethers and they are also nice in the colder months if you wish to offer a cold appetizer. Smoked salmon does not do well in the heat, so it is best to serve these indoors. Continue reading

Salmon and Zucchini Gorgonzola Appetizer

Whether or not you have made zucchini cheese roll recipes before, this zucchini gorgonzola appetizer is one of our most easy party appetizers. The sharp flavor of the gorgonzola goes with the acidic lemon flavor perfectly, with the soft taste of the zucchini shining through. These zucchini cheese rolls ups are fried so you can serve them warm or chill them. Both ways are good. The filling should be chilled though.

The smoked salmon adds a touch of elegance and goes well with the gorgonzola. If you are looking for a recipe for seafood appetizers, this salmon-based appetizer recipe is a very nice one to make. You can vary the ingredients, perhaps using cottage cheese or grated cheddar instead of gorgonzola, or using ham instead of the salmon. This is an easy recipe to double or triple too, if you have a lot of guests. If you are grilling, why not grill the zucchini outdoors and make these appetizers up outdoors? The zucchini will have attractive grill marks on if you do that.

For an unusual and interesting appetizer recipe, these zucchini roll ups really do the trick. Like a lot of appetizers, which you roll up, this zucchini, gorgonzola appetizer is very impressive looking and it looks complicated without actually being complicated to put together. Your guests will adore this one, both in terms of looks and flavor. Continue reading

Simple White Bean and Smoked Salmon Canapés

This delicious fish appetizer blends the sophisticated flavors of cannellini beans and smoked salmon. Cannellini beans, which are also called fazolia beans or white kidney beans, are like white navy beans. They are known as haricot beans in the UK. Cannellini beans are slightly nutty in flavor and they are smooth-textured. These beans are very popular in Southern and Central Italy, especially Tuscany where they are eaten dried rather than cooked. In other parts of Italy they are often incorporated into chicken stew recipes.

Cannellini beans are used in the United States to make bean salads or soup recipes. They are rich in folate, magnesium and iron and also a good protein source. This delicious recipe is healthy as well as one of our easy party appetizers. If you are thinking about making healthy appetizers fish is usually a good choice. Not only is it low in fat but it is delicious too. Healthy appetizers tend to ignite the appetite without ruining it, so if you are making a special entree your guests will be ready for it after such an appetizer.

You can make both the toast rounds and the bean mixture a day in advance, if you want to, as long as you keep them in an airtight container. The bean mixture is flavored with dill, chives and lime juice for a really wonderful taste, and these canapés are great served chilled. These look fancy and would be suitable for a cocktail party or buffet dinner. People love finger food like this at such events because it is easy to eat in one bite. Smoked salmon is always a favorite at parties and these delicious fish appetizers will disappear at record speed when you serve them. Continue reading