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Healthy Ratatouille Stuffed Peppers

This is quite a hearty appetizer, so if you are looking for something warm and filling, this might be something to consider. You can also team it with a side dish and offer it as an entrée. We are stuffing peppers with ratatouille then baking them in the oven to make something which is nutritious as well as very tasty. There are plenty of vegetables here, along with rice although you can leave out the rice if you do not want it too filling.

This recipe is suitable for any occasion and it is also fine for vegetarians. Swap the parmesan for vegan cheese, and this can be suitable for vegan eaters as well. Ratatouille is made by stewing vegetables until the flavors combine and everything is very tender. We are using onion, garlic, tomatoes and red bell pepper to make it, although you may vary the ingredients, perhaps adding in some zucchini or eggplant. Add a splash of white wine or lemon juice to the ratatouille to bring out all those wonderful vegetable flavors, along with some salt and black pepper to taste.

Then you can stuff the bell pepper halves with some cooked rice and the ratatouille you just made. Feel free to use another kind of grain instead of the rice (or even leftover rice from another day). Quinoa, macaroni or couscous would work too. Although you might want to cook the bell pepper halves first, before filling them, they tend to become quite tender in the oven anyway, and most people like them a little al dente rather than too soft, but that is up to you. We are using yellow bell peppers here which are sweeter than both green, red and orange ones, but use whatever kind you like to make this dish. Most people have made stuffed peppers before but often with cheese or a rice or beef mixture, so give this recipe a try and discover how tasty ratatouille stuffed peppers can be. Continue reading

Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe

Have you been looking for the best appetizer recipe that is great when you are wanting to spice up the dinner table? Try my delicious Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe today! It is great for nights with the entire family! Check out my easy to follow recipe video that I have posted below! It is easy to follow and gives you helpful tips on how to make the best Stuffed Jalapenos today!

Awesome Stuffed Jalapenos

Many have probably never considered the nutritional value of this superb snack food but Jalapenos in and of themselves are surprisingly nutritious indeed. Jalapenos are low in all fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar. Jalapenos also offer a good supply of vitamin A, C, calcium, and fiber and it is a good dietary aid to boot! It is how you prepare tem that determines the final vitamin and nutrient values.

One way to prepare this food is with the Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe below. In this recipe we have strived to maintain and or add as much of the foods nutritional values as possible while still preparing it in a tasty unique bit palatably pleasing as possible. Try this Awesome Stuffed Jalapenos recipe today and see for yourself how quickly they will be gone! Continue reading

Stuffed Jalapenos Appetizer Recipe

Here is an easy Stuffed Jalapenos Appetizer Recipe that you can make for your Super Bowl parties and other other social gatherings. These stuffed peppers are such a treat and they will go fast from the appetizer table so be sure to make a lot. It’s so simple to make our Stuffed Jalapenos Appetizer Recipe that it will quickly become one of your favorite party finger foods.

Stuffed Jalapenos Appetizer Recipe

Spicy Jalapenos stuffed with cheese, baked with sausage and crispy bacon. Delicious and so wonderfully perfect. Prepare these ahead and bake, serve warm and watch the guests as they enjoy these morsels.

Place these on a warm platter to serve at your appetizer table. Have an assortment of crackers or corn chips available for guests to enjoy. These are great with a cold beer to enjoy. A hint of heat with the cheese is a wonderful appetizer.

These are so easy to make and only take a few minutes from start to finish, so if you have unexpected guests who are in the mood for snacks and you want to rustle up something quick, this is a great dish to consider. Continue reading