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Meatball Appetizer are a Mainstay of Cocktail Parties

Are you planning a dinner party and need a good appetizer to serve? Meatball appetizers are a great treat to make for any dinner party and will be a big hit with your guests. Try this meatball appetizer recipe for meatballs that are sweet and spicy and easy to make. This meatball appetizer recipe is so tasty that it will be a great addition to any meal planned for your dinner party.

Based on ground beef, these meatballs also include breadcrumbs, Worcestershire sauce, egg, and more, and they are browned, and then finished off in a lovely chili and jelly sauce. The results is a platter of Swedish meatballs which boast a wonderful flavor, and the sweet and spicy sauce is amazing. These will smell amazing while they are cooking and then you can serve them on individual plates with small forks or, if you prefer, on one large platter with toothpicks, for a more casual style of eating.

Whether you serve one of these to each guest as they arrive, enjoy it as a Superbowl party snack, or simply make them as a treat for the family, everyone is going to love the homemade flavor of this special meatball recipe. If you want to tweak the recipe, consider using half pork and half beef rather than just beef, or even try chicken or turkey, for a lighter flavor.

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