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Baked Brie

Baked Brie Appetizer

Baked Brie appetizers are the perfect party food. Baked brie is a puffy cheese filled pastry that is perfect for dipping and makes a great finger food appetizer for a dinner party or special event. Try this baked brie appetizer recipe for a delicious appetizer that will disappear before your eyes. Baked brie is also great for family night or as a special treat for the kids after school!

As well as the cheese, you will need puff pastry, lemon juice and raspberry jam, which were perhaps not the ingredients you were expecting, but just consider how brie goes as well with a sweet flavor as it does with a savory one. Brie and camembert are often served with a redcurrant sauce, which is why we are using raspberry jam in the recipe.

The jam is combined with lemon juice to add a tart taste and stop it from being too sweet, and then that mixture serves as your dipping sauce. These love little snacks can be served as finger food, but serve them warm in this case instead of hot, since you will not want anyone to burn their mouths. Continue reading

Simple Four Ingredient Baked Brie Appetizer

The taste of baked brie and cranberry sauce together is a mouthwatering combination. The brie is soft and gooey and the cranberry sauce is slightly sharp and tart. They really do complement each other wonderfully, both in texture and flavor, and some crispy filo pastry around this combination makes this snack the ideal appetizer! So, what is filo pastry exactly? Well, it is a type of crunchy pastry that is versatile and easy to work with. It is best to use store-bought filo pastry with this recipe, since it is widely available. Making it is possible but a lot of work so, for similar results, just use the store-bought filo.

There are many different recipes using filo pastry that you can try and you can use either savory or sweet fillings. If you enjoy cheese and a baked brie recipe sounds good to you, you are sure to love the following recipe. The cranberry sauce is amazing in this baked brie appetizer. You can buy readymade brie cheese appetizers but why buy them when making your own is so easy, requires so few ingredients and the results are always better?

The cranberry sauce gives these filo pastry appetizers a tangy bite and the cheese melts wonderfully inside the pastry. These are great served warm but they are also tasty when they have cooled down, so they would be fine left out on a buffet table. People will be able to tell what is inside them because brie filo pastry appetizers are so well known. Continue reading

Warm Baked Brie with Cranberries and Pecans

This delicious baked brie with cranberries appetizer is many people’s favorite way to start a meal. The creamy rich brie combines nicely with the sweet and slightly tart cranberry and a few chopped pecans add another contrasting flavor and texture. Filo pastry is easy to work with and these are easy party appetizers. The amounts of cranberry jelly and brie can vary but do not overfill the filo parcels, else they might split, and the filling will spill out.

This baked brie with pecans and cranberry appetizer is nice served warm. Let them rest for ten minutes after baking so they are not too hot when you serve them. Brie with cranberry jelly is a classic dish and this winning combination is served in many restaurants. With the following easy appetizer recipe for baked brie parcels, you can recreate this classic dish at home for a buffet or sit-down dinner.

Since you are using readymade pastry, these filo parcels are really simple. You just need to fill them and bake them until they are hot, golden, and crispy, then serve them on a bed of lettuce. This is one of our fancy appetizer recipes and these brie bites look more difficult to make than they actually are, which is always a nice impression to give! Continue reading

Fresh Fig and Brie Appetizer

You cannot get much more upscale than serving fresh figs topped with Brie and prosciutto. The flavors are all so different, yet they combine to create a culinary experience so divine that your guests will be pestering you for the recipe. It is a shame that fresh figs are only in season such a short time. This simple fig and Brie appetizer will appeal to the foodie in us all. Serve them up on a bed of lettuce for your next party or family gathering. Even guests who may be a bit hesitant will succumb to the charms of this recipe once they try it. Encourage them to give these appetizers a try and broaden their culinary horizons.

You can use any type of fresh fig that you can find for this recipe. Figs come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from green to pink to purple. Fresh figs do not keep long; use them as quickly after purchase as possible. They make good eating on their own, but when topped with accessories like Brie and prosciutto, they really shine.

This fresh fig appetizer recipe is one of the simplest you will find. If you cannot wait to make it for an event, go ahead and enjoy some for a snack. Figs are very nutritious and provide you with a lot of fiber. Make the most of this and use figs every chance you get while they are in season. The rest of the year you have to make do with dried figs or preserves. They are pretty tasty too, but there is nothing like these fig appetizers made with fruit fresh from the tree. Continue reading