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Amazing Artichoke Appetizer Tartlets

If you enjoy shrimp tartlets, mushroom tartlets or even sweet ones like pecan tartlets or lemon blueberry tartlets, why not try something a little different? The following recipe for artichoke tartlets combines ham, cheese, artichokes and more to make an unusual little snack. These artichoke tartlets are a great appetizer for a dinner party and they also make nice canapés.

Artichokes are one of those ingredients that people avoid buying because they appear difficult to prepare. Actually this is not true. There are different ways to prepare them and you can grill artichokes, fry them, or bake them. In the following artichoke tartlets recipe, the artichoke is fried to soften it and that is all the preparation you need.

Fontina is the best cheese to use in the following easy tartlets recipe but you can use any other sweet milk cheese you want. The butter, milk, and egg yolks work with the Fontina to give a rich, smooth, and creamy sauce for the tartlets, which is great with the artichokes. You can use readymade tartlet cases or vol-au-vent cases for these little treats. Choose whichever size and shape you happen to like best. You could even make your own pastry but, to be honest, store-bought pastry cases work just as well so you might as well use those and save yourself some time, especially if you have other canapés or appetizers to make as well as these creamy artichoke tartlets. Continue reading

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Parmesan

You can stock up on the ingredients for this delicious spinach artichoke dip recipe in case you run out. Frozen artichokes and frozen spinach are fine to use in this tasty recipe or you can use canned or fresh. This means you can keep all the ingredients to hand for whenever you want to make this tasty spinach artichoke dip with parmesan and it also means you can have extra ingredients in case you run out of it and you want to make extra for your guests who are very much enjoying it.

This spinach artichoke dip is wonderful with any type of bread, toast, breadstick, or cracker for dipping. It is rich, creamy and the red pepper flakes give it a vibrant kick. This is one of our more healthy dip recipes too because it contains vegetables as well as other flavorings.

You might prefer to serve a hot artichoke spinach dip or chill the finished dip for a while. This might also depend on the season or what else you are serving but, warm or chilled, this is one of the best dip recipes. There are lots of things you can dip in it and it looks and smells as good as it tastes. Continue reading

Hot Artichoke Dip Recipe

If you are looking for easy party appetizers, you will agree that this simple five ingredient appetizer fits that description. Artichoke, cheese, and garlic are combined with mayonnaise and you can dip bread, toast, garlic bread, crudités, or cheese into this tasty, bubbling hot artichoke dip. Since you just need to combine the ingredients then bake this artichoke dip, it is very simple to make and you can make it in advance then bake it when all your guests have arrived.

When serving homemade dips, such as this hot artichoke dip recipe, you might like to just serve one dip or to combine several warm dips or even make some warm dips and some chilled ones for contrast. Garlic bread and tortilla chips are especially good with this artichoke dip recipe but you can dip whatever you want into it.

When you are serving a hot artichoke dip or another of our hot dip recipes, it is a good idea to tell people the dip is hot, firstly so they don’t burn their mouth and secondly so they can enjoy the dip while it’s hot. Hot dips are supposed to be served hot and if people do not know a dip is warm, they might not get around to tasting it until it is lukewarm, when it will not be quite so good. Continue reading