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Garlic Oven Roasted Potatoes Appetizer Recipe

Technically the “aioli” in this roast potatoes with aioli recipe is “alioli”. Alioli is the Spanish form of the French aioli, which literally means oil and garlic. Ai means garlic and oli means oil. Alioli is usually made without egg yolks but they do stabilize the mixture and stop it from separating. You can make the aioli a day ahead if you like. If you aren’t worried about following the traditional aioli recipe you can simply mince some garlic and stir it into mayonnaise. That is an equally nice dip and goes beautifully with the potatoes.

Feel free to use baby potatoes into of big potatoes chopped into chunks. Any kind of potato is great for making these easy party appetizers and you can serve this tasty dish with toothpicks for people to serve themselves. This is one of the most warming and satisfying holiday appetizer recipes. It is filling so don’t give people too much before their entree! You can also serve this roast potatoes and aioli recipe as a side dish alongside any meat, fish or poultry dish. It would even go with a vegetarian meal. If you love easy potato recipes, you will love the way the delicious garlic dressing complements this appetizer recipe.

Roast potatoes smell wonderful and so does the garlic dressing so you can imagine what an amazing aroma these easy party appetizers would give off. If you want to tempt your guests to eat, the smell of this tasty dish is enough. If you want to make a few dishes for people to nibble at, this is a nice easy one. You can chill the aioli until you are ready to serve it and the potatoes can be left baking until they are done, freeing up your time to concentrate on other dishes. Continue reading

Chilled Appetizers with Sliced Turkey and Omelet

Appetizers with sliced turkey are always nice to serve at parties and buffets and nice-looking appetizer recipes like these smoked turkey appetizers go down well whether you are celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, Cinco de Mayo, a birthday gathering or something else. If you are looking for a recipe for leftover turkey appetizers you could adapt this one, using slices of leftover turkey instead of the smoked turkey slices.

The combination of fluffy tomato omelet, partially toasted bread and smoked turkey is very tasty and if you want to make these appetizers a little more moist you could spread a thin layer of mustard or ketchup between the bread and egg layers. This is optional though.

These turkey appetizers make great finger food so you could circulate with them at a cocktail party or have them on a buffet table at any kind of get together for people to help themselves. Omelet is easy to make and the process of stacking the omelet, toast and turkey is very simply. Use a diamond-shaped cookie cutter to make these diamond-shaped appetizers or simply cut them using a knife. Continue reading

Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

These easy sausage rolls are really versatile. You can experiment with flavored sausages. Lamb and mint sausages, pork and apple sausages and beef and onion sausages are all gorgeous and make a nice filling. Also, have fun experimenting with the fillings. You don’t have to use red onion jelly or cranberry sauce, although cranberry sauce is very festive. What about mustard, apple sauce, sun-dried tomato paste, pesto or mango chutney? Any of these fillings would be delicious with the sausage.

If you want to know how to make sausage rolls, this is a highly recommended recipe because it is so simple. You just need egg, pastry, sausages and some kind of jelly or sauce. This is one of the easiest holiday appetizer recipes and you can easily double or triple the recipe. Sausage rolls are nice hot, warm or cold but it is a good idea to let the cool off for five or ten minutes after baking them because the sausage will be really hot when they first come out of the oven.

Rather than making something filling, like artery clogging Scottish sausage bacon rolls, simple sausage rolls like these are a classic example of festive and easy party appetizers and you can be creative with holiday appetizer recipes like this one, choosing which sausages to use and which sauce, chutney or jelly to combine with the sausage filling. You can get big sausage rolls and smaller ones but for easy party appetizers make a mini sausage rolls recipe like this one and they will go down a storm. Continue reading