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St Patrick Day

Hot Bubble Cakes

If you are looking for easy party appetizers for St Patrick’s Day, what about making these tasty bubble and squeak cakes? Bubble and squeak is sometimes known as bubble and it is traditionally made from leftover mashed potato and leftover vegetables. These bubble and squeak cakes are so tasty though that it is worth making mashed potatoes and cooking vegetables to make them from scratch.

You can add peas, carrots or any other leftover vegetables to the mixture. Traditionally bubble was served with leftover meat from a roast dinner as well as pickles. This recipe is popular throughout the UK and Ireland, although it is known as bubble and scrape in certain areas. The name is thought to refer to the sounds made during cooking. This was a popular recipe during World War II when foods were rationed. You can also get canned versions and readymade frozen versions but nothing beats a homemade bubble and squeak recipe.

Serve these tasty, easy party appetizers hot with ketchup or salsa for dipping and your guests will love them. These are unusual appetizers but they are always popular because they are full of flavor. If you prefer them with a crunchy coating, choose cornmeal or polenta rather than flour. Continue reading