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Spanish Seafood Stuffed Egg Appetizers

Deviled eggs are great for an appetizer but this recipe is slightly different because we are using seafood as well as the egg, mashing tuna with egg yolks, tomato sauce, mayonnaise and Spanish paprika along with salt and black pepper. You can use finely chopped cooked shrimp instead of the tuna if you prefer. Use canned tuna in oil, and drain off the oil before using the tuna in the recipe. Use your judgment as to the amount of paprika used.

These eggs are often served as a pre-lunch appetizer in Spain, but you can serve them as a snack whenever you wish. Because you can make these ahead, you might want to make them in the morning if you are having some friends over in the evening. Then you can simply put them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them. It is your choice whether or not to peel the eggs. Leaving them half-unpeeled does give them a nice, rustic look though. If you are serving them with some of the shell on, things can get messy, so serve them in eggcups with teaspoons.

This recipe makes one egg per person while some devilled egg recipes serve half a stuffed egg per person. That means this one is slightly more filling but sometimes a hearty appetizer is ideal, especially if there is going to be some time between the appetizer and the entrée. This is also a nice snack for the kids coming home from school a few hours before dinner time. It is certainly filling enough to keep them satisfied until dinnertime anyway. Feel free to use homemade or canned tomato sauce, and the same applies to the mayonnaise. You might like to use less tomato sauce and a splash of Worcestershire sauce (or lemon juice) or make your own recipe for the filling. Anything that suits the seafood flavor would be wonderful. Continue reading

Hot Bubble Cakes

If you are looking for easy party appetizers for St Patrick’s Day, what about making these tasty bubble and squeak cakes? Bubble and squeak is sometimes known as bubble and it is traditionally made from leftover mashed potato and leftover vegetables. These bubble and squeak cakes are so tasty though that it is worth making mashed potatoes and cooking vegetables to make them from scratch.

You can add peas, carrots or any other leftover vegetables to the mixture. Traditionally bubble was served with leftover meat from a roast dinner as well as pickles. This recipe is popular throughout the UK and Ireland, although it is known as bubble and scrape in certain areas. The name is thought to refer to the sounds made during cooking. This was a popular recipe during World War II when foods were rationed. You can also get canned versions and readymade frozen versions but nothing beats a homemade bubble and squeak recipe.

Serve these tasty, easy party appetizers hot with ketchup or salsa for dipping and your guests will love them. These are unusual appetizers but they are always popular because they are full of flavor. If you prefer them with a crunchy coating, choose cornmeal or polenta rather than flour. Continue reading

How to Make Beignets

You might want to learn how to make beignets if you are looking for the best Mardi Gras recipes. The following recipe for beignets is flavored with ham, cheese, dill and a touch of cayenne pepper. These hot, tasty mouthfuls are soft and delicious and they are not hard to make. You can make baked beignets but fried ones are more authentic and have a richer flavor. Also the outside gets crispier if you fry them, which is how they would be prepared in New Orleans and other areas where beignets are incredibly popular.

“Beignet” is the French word for fried dough and you can get sweet beignets covered in powdered sugar and savory ones stuffed with delicious fillings like crawfish or shrimp. Beignets are the official state donut of Louisiana and beignets are associated with New Orleans, which is why they are a great Mardi Gras appetizer. Other beignet fillings which are popular outside the United States include potatoes, chestnuts, mushrooms or meat.

Learning how to make beignets is easy with the following beignets recipe and these are one of the most flavorful holiday appetizer recipes to serve, whether you are having a buffet, cocktail party or another kind of gathering. Serve the beignets warm or hot for the best results. You can serve dip recipes with them if you like but they are moist enough not to need one. Continue reading

Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

These easy sausage rolls are really versatile. You can experiment with flavored sausages. Lamb and mint sausages, pork and apple sausages and beef and onion sausages are all gorgeous and make a nice filling. Also, have fun experimenting with the fillings. You don’t have to use red onion jelly or cranberry sauce, although cranberry sauce is very festive. What about mustard, apple sauce, sun-dried tomato paste, pesto or mango chutney? Any of these fillings would be delicious with the sausage.

If you want to know how to make sausage rolls, this is a highly recommended recipe because it is so simple. You just need egg, pastry, sausages and some kind of jelly or sauce. This is one of the easiest holiday appetizer recipes and you can easily double or triple the recipe. Sausage rolls are nice hot, warm or cold but it is a good idea to let the cool off for five or ten minutes after baking them because the sausage will be really hot when they first come out of the oven.

Rather than making something filling, like artery clogging Scottish sausage bacon rolls, simple sausage rolls like these are a classic example of festive and easy party appetizers and you can be creative with holiday appetizer recipes like this one, choosing which sausages to use and which sauce, chutney or jelly to combine with the sausage filling. You can get big sausage rolls and smaller ones but for easy party appetizers make a mini sausage rolls recipe like this one and they will go down a storm. Continue reading

Old Fashioned Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic appetizer recipe and everyone will love them. You should rest the eggs for your deviled eggs recipe on their sides overnight or for about eight hours to center the yolks. Take the eggs out of the refrigerator half an hour before cooking them because this lessens the shock of rapid temperature changes and makes the shells less likely to crack.

If you want to know how to make deviled eggs, the following recipe is easy to make and the combination of Dijon mustard, Tabasco and onion really liven up the eggs. These easy party appetizers are always very popular at parties and other events. Make sure you time the eggs properly. They need eight minutes. Cook them for too long and they will be rubbery.

Not all deviled eggs recipes are spicy but the Tabasco and mustard are really good in this recipe and if you are looking for a spicy appetizer recipe this one is very nice. Old fashioned deviled eggs are something that have been gracing buffet tables and cocktail party tables for many years. This is quite an old recipe but many old recipes are classic ones and really stand the test of time. Continue reading