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Holiday Appetizer Recipes

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Spanish Seafood Stuffed Egg Appetizers

Deviled eggs are great for an appetizer but this recipe is slightly different because we are using seafood as well as the egg, mashing tuna with egg yolks, tomato sauce, mayonnaise and Spanish paprika along with salt and black pepper. You can use finely chopped cooked shrimp instead of the tuna if you prefer. Use canned tuna in oil, and drain off the oil before using the tuna in the recipe. Use your judgment as to the amount of paprika used.

These eggs are often served as a pre-lunch appetizer in Spain, but you can serve them as a snack whenever you wish. Because you can make these ahead, you might want to make them in the morning if you are having some friends over in the evening. Then you can simply put them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them. It is your choice whether or not to peel the eggs. Leaving them half-unpeeled does give them a nice, rustic look though. If you are serving them with some of the shell on, things can get messy, so serve them in eggcups with teaspoons.

This recipe makes one egg per person while some devilled egg recipes serve half a stuffed egg per person. That means this one is slightly more filling but sometimes a hearty appetizer is ideal, especially if there is going to be some time between the appetizer and the entrée. This is also a nice snack for the kids coming home from school a few hours before dinner time. It is certainly filling enough to keep them satisfied until dinnertime anyway. Feel free to use homemade or canned tomato sauce, and the same applies to the mayonnaise. You might like to use less tomato sauce and a splash of Worcestershire sauce (or lemon juice) or make your own recipe for the filling. Anything that suits the seafood flavor would be wonderful. Continue reading

Spicy BBQ Quesadilla Holiday Appetizer

Are you looking for holiday appetizer ideas? Fresh green salads, potato salads and chips often make the best barbeque appetizer because they are so quick and easy on the person throwing the barbeque. Finding affordable recipes to make for a barbeque appetizer is too time-consuming sometimes. It’s just easier to toss a salad, or chop some fruits and veggies up than it is to cook a variety of appetizers.

If you are having a barbeque and you want some easy party appetizers to make then chips and salsa is often your best friend. You don’t need to be fancy, just make a trip to the store and head down the snack aisle. No one expects a fancy dish or French appetizer when you are throwing a barbeque. Such a snack can be anything cold or room temperature. Rarely do you find hot barbeque appetizers because it is usually hot outside during barbeque season.

A good barbeque appetizer can just be good old-fashioned chips, fruit salad, potato or pasta salad, or something light and easy. Throw out the old red and white checkered table cloth and toss out a bowl of chips and some salad varieties. If you want to take the next step though and offer not just staple snacks but something extra-special, consider making a quesadilla appetizer to really wow everyone. If the barbeque is taking its sweet time to heat up and your guests are already hungry, bring out this homemade quesadilla and it will go down a treat. This quesadilla appetizer is simple to make and the flavor is incredible. Continue reading

Spicy Crockpot Queso Dip

Whether you want to feed a crowd, make something yummy to munch on during the Superbowl or simply prepare some comfort food, cheese dip is always a winner. This recipe is made with Cheddar Jack cheese, tomatoes, cream, green onions, spices and hot dogs, and everything is blended in the crockpot for a flavorful result. Slow cooking brings out all the flavors and blends everything together nicely.

If you prefer to make a vegetarian version you can omit to hot dogs from the recipe. You can also use reduced fat cream and cheese if you want to cut the fat content a little. Serve the finished dip straight from the crockpot so it stays warm and choose from tortilla chips or scoops to serve. You can even offer corn chips or kettle chips if you prefer, or vegetable sticks like carrot and celery. This dip can be spiced up as much as you wish and some people do like it really hot. Another option is to leave out the pepper sauce and use a milder cheese if you prefer a milder result.

This recipe makes 6 cups of dip which is enough for 10 people but if you are serving this to diehard cheese dip fans you might want to make more of it. If you are in a hurry this can be made on the stovetop but the flavor is slightly better when you use a crockpot, so we recommend you do. This spicy dip offers a nice change of pace from chilled dip recipes. Continue reading

Romantic Holiday Appetizers for Two

Best Holiday Appetizers for Two

Holiday appetizers for two are just what you need for those imitate Valentine’s day dinners. Find romantic appetizers for two that will be sure to make him or her smile this Valentine’s day. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and if you want to please him, fill his belly first. As for men, women love a man who can serve up a good meal; make some of our fancy holiday appetizers for two and she will be yours forever.

Making romantic, intimate appetizers for two is a great way to set up a wedding proposal. If you are looking to ask that special girl to marry you, romantic appetizers are a great way to make her heart skip a beat. You can make fancy holiday appetizers for a couple for Valentine’s day and she will love you for the rest of your life.

Easy Holiday Appetizers for Two

You can make that perfect dish which will make your significant other’s heart skip a beat. Take your time browsing other possibilities if you wish, but you really ought to consider this one with its tasty ingredients, and simple, easy to follow instructions. Continue reading

Romantic Appetizer Recipe for Two

Romantic Appetizer Recipe for Two People

Now you can make a romantic appetizer recipe for two people on Valentines day and other romantic events. Anniversary dinners and other special occasions call for romantic appetizer recipes that serve two people. Intimate dinners are perfect for serving your favorite romantic appetizers. Champagne and strawberries and asparagus wrapped in bacon make great holiday appetizer recipes for two on Valentines day or Christmas dinners. Find easy romantic appetizer recipes for couples for every special occasion.

Romantic Appetizer for Two

Planning a romantic evening for two? Then you’ll surely want an easy romantic appetizer for two. Something simple but very delicious. This easy romantic holiday appetizer recipe for two will be perfect.

It is so easy to prepare that anyone can make it and watch their loved one enjoy it.

The key to this recipe is in the perfectly ripe tomatoes with their juicy flavorful goodness. Mingled with the mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar olive oil it is divine. Continue reading

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