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Healthy Appetizers

Healthy Ratatouille Stuffed Peppers

This is quite a hearty appetizer, so if you are looking for something warm and filling, this might be something to consider. You can also team it with a side dish and offer it as an entrée. We are stuffing peppers with ratatouille then baking them in the oven to make something which is nutritious as well as very tasty. There are plenty of vegetables here, along with rice although you can leave out the rice if you do not want it too filling.

This recipe is suitable for any occasion and it is also fine for vegetarians. Swap the parmesan for vegan cheese, and this can be suitable for vegan eaters as well. Ratatouille is made by stewing vegetables until the flavors combine and everything is very tender. We are using onion, garlic, tomatoes and red bell pepper to make it, although you may vary the ingredients, perhaps adding in some zucchini or eggplant. Add a splash of white wine or lemon juice to the ratatouille to bring out all those wonderful vegetable flavors, along with some salt and black pepper to taste.

Then you can stuff the bell pepper halves with some cooked rice and the ratatouille you just made. Feel free to use another kind of grain instead of the rice (or even leftover rice from another day). Quinoa, macaroni or couscous would work too. Although you might want to cook the bell pepper halves first, before filling them, they tend to become quite tender in the oven anyway, and most people like them a little al dente rather than too soft, but that is up to you. We are using yellow bell peppers here which are sweeter than both green, red and orange ones, but use whatever kind you like to make this dish. Most people have made stuffed peppers before but often with cheese or a rice or beef mixture, so give this recipe a try and discover how tasty ratatouille stuffed peppers can be. Continue reading

Fruity Fun Skewers Recipe

Are you looking for a fun but healthy snack that both you and your children will love? Try my delicious Fruity Fun Skewers Recipe today! Everyone is sure to love it!

Fruit Skewers

Delightfully light and refreshing these Fruit Skewers are a tasty treat. With Apple, Banana, refreshing Cantaloupe, and juicy red strawberries on display standing on a white platter. Such a healthy, vitamin enriched refreshing treat your taste buds will literally rejoice.

These wonderful fruit Skewers make an excellent after school snack treat for the children. So healthy and juicy the kids will ask for these more often.

Additionally, you will know that this delicious treat is healthy and full of antioxidants instead of a sugar laden snack. Skewer the fruit and let the strawberry be the juicy red top of these delightful Skewers. Continue reading

Smoked Salmon and Caper Canapés

Smoked salmon is a wonderful ingredient for making appetizers. Whether you use it fresh or smoked, raw or cooked, salmon offers a distinctive pink color which will brighten up any dish, adding its delicious flavor as well as its bright color. Salmon pairs well with many ingredients, such as eggs, capers, pasta, bread, mayonnaise or salad ingredients. The following recipe is incredibly simple, and the salmon is paired with capers. The salty taste of the capers really complements the salmon.

These snacks also include lemon slices, and the fish will take on a slight citrus taste from the lemon. This is a nice, make-ahead appetizer which you can make well in advance. If you are making this an hour in advance you can simply pop the plate into the refrigerator until required. If you are making it several hours in advance, wrap some plastic wrap over the plate to stop the salmon from drying out. These are colorful little appetizers which should appeal to everyone who likes fish.

A few people might eat the lemon slice but most will leave it on the plate, since it is primarily for garnish, plus to add a little lemon flavor to the parts of the salmon in contact with it. These appetizers are good for all kinds of get-togethers and they are also nice in the colder months if you wish to offer a cold appetizer. Smoked salmon does not do well in the heat, so it is best to serve these indoors. Continue reading

Beef and Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

If you want a meaty recipe for your Superbowl party food buffet table, these hearty stuffed mushrooms are perfect. The stuffing is a combination of ground beef, Italian sausage, bell pepper, cheese and more and these sausage stuffed mushrooms are full of flavor. Mushrooms are naturally earthy and rich in taste and the filling goes beautifully with the mushroom flavor.

Perhaps you have tasted a different type of stuffed mushrooms recipe before, like crab stuffed mushrooms or vegetable stuffed mushrooms. There are lots of different stuffed mushrooms recipes but this one is especially good if you want Superbowl party recipes because the meatiness and fullness of flavor suits the occasion. Superbowl Sunday is the ideal time to serve hot, filling and delicious appetizer recipes and everyone is going to rave about this one.

It is up to you whether you use big portobello mushrooms or smaller ones but choose something with a rounded cap, else some of the filling might fall out. If you are serving these as an appetizer, choose small or medium sized mushrooms, so they are easy to eat with the fingers. These easy party appetizers blend lots of wonderful flavors together and they really do melt in the mouth. This stuffed mushrooms recipe is perfect if you are on the lookout for the best and easiest Superbowl recipes and your guests will relish their wonderful flavor. Continue reading

Spicy Nuts – Spicy Cashews

These delicious spiced cashew nuts are simple to make and their Indian flavor is delicious. If you are looking for make ahead appetizers, these cashews are great because you can store them at room temperature in an airtight container for up to a week. This also means that you can double or triple the recipe, serve some at your buffet or Superbowl party and have more to much on later in the week. They make a welcome addition to packed lunches too, or as a tasty snack at any time.

You can try using different nuts for this recipe but cashews have a really good flavor, which goes nicely with the Indian spices. The brown sugar on these spiced cashew nuts caramelizes as they cook, turning the nuts into a delicious kind of nut brittle. Kids and adults will both love this sweet, spicy cashew recipe. The nuts are not fiery hot but they are gently fragranced with curry powder and cumin for an aromatic flavor rather than a spicy hot one.

Nuts are popular at buffets and they are also good for Superbowl party food, especially if you spice them and roast them. Mexican fiesta nuts are a sweeter alternative to these spiced cashews, or you could even make both recipes and serve them side by side. Mexican fiesta nuts are sweet though and these cashews are more savory. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the cashews when they are toasting because they can burn quickly. Also, watch them when they are covered in the curry coating and roasting, just to ensure they do not have too long in the oven. Continue reading