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Fancy Appetizer Recipes

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Herbed Cheese and Egg Stuffed Tomatoes Appetizer

I wanted to make for you an appetizer that would look attractive and was simple to make. I know when I have guest I like to put a bit of the wow factor into my appetizers so they are already impressed before they even take a bit and then when they do I drive it home with flavor. We all love deviled eggs but they are kind of predictable and a close cousin to the deviled egg is egg salad which is easy to dress up and make a big statement with something so otherwise ordinary.

Well how do you dress up egg salad to appear to be more then it is? How about giving it a new coat I mean anyone can put it on or between a slice of bread or two but what if we give it a shiny bright red coat and serve it in a tomato bowl. An edible serving vessel is always a good way to go with appetizers it makes serving so much easier and often elevates the dish from the plain to the sublime.

Now I used vine ripened tomatoes for mine as I love the garden grown flavor of them more than other tomatoes but you could easily adjust this recipe to use cherry tomatoes if you wanted to make little bite sized poppers so to speak they would be a bit more finicky on the hollowing out part but with a bit of care could be pulled off nicely. If doing this I would suggest making the egg mixture a bit finer and not quite as big of white pieces of the egg maybe even go as far as to use just the yoke part. If doing that you could even do it with grape tomatoes for kid sized bites. But you decide what works best for your party application. Continue reading

Seared Scallops over Rice Timbales

This is an exquisite appetizer, perfect for a sit-down meal when you want to offer a light fish course before a hearty meat-based entrée perhaps. We are using sea scallops to make this, along with homemade rice timbales, or rice cakes. Although a timbale is usually made by squeezing rice into a container and tipping it out so it holds its shape, we are instead pressing the mixture down, chilling it, then using a cookie cutter to cut the rounds.

It is best to make the rice timbales the day before you make this recipe because that way they hold together better. If you do not have time for that, then make them very small instead so you can cook them without the risk of them breaking up. We usually warm them in the pan so they brown on one side, but if yours seem to be holding firmly together in there, feel free to flip them over using a wide spatula to get them golden brown on both sides. You just want to heat them up really, so they will only take a few minutes in there. Cook them while you are finishing off the scallops and sauce.

To serve these, it is best to use warm plates, then add the rice timbales, scallops and sauce, and finally a few sprigs of fresh herbs or else some microgreens (very tiny salad leaves) to add a splash of color to the plate. Serve this appetizer immediately. Everyone is sure to be impressed with this dish. If you want to make it quicker or easier, consider serving the scallops over a little bit of plain rice rather than making the rice timbales, or else you can simply serve them with some salad leaves if you want to serve an appetizer which is still delicious but perhaps slightly lighter. It depends how much time you have to make it, along with how full you want your dinner guests to be. Continue reading

Palate-Cleansing Citrus Sorbet Appetizers

This is an interesting appetizer, and is particularly good served when you want to cleanse the palate. You could even serve it between the main appetizer and the entrée, to get rid of lingering flavors from the appetizer so people are ready for the entrée. If you have served a strong-tasting seafood dish first, for example, serve some sorbet before bringing out your next course so the fish flavor is removed from the mouth.

Although sorbet can also be served as a dessert, it is light enough to serve as an appetizer and homemade sorbet is not only easy to make, but it tastes wonderful too. This is a make-ahead appetizer which you can prepare in the morning and leave in the freezer. Take it out about 15 minutes before serving, else it will be very difficult to scoop out of the fruit. We are using oranges and lemons here to make the sorbet, filling the oranges with orange sorbet and the lemons with lime sorbet, so you get all those wonderful citrus flavors.

Either serve some people lemon and some orange, or give people one of each. You can also fill orange and lemon halves if you want to give people a taste of each without completely filling them up before the entrée comes out! This is a popular dessert in restaurants but those are usually made in factories, lacking the charm of homemade ones. We are using sweetened condensed milk, citrus juice (fresh is best of course) and the fruits to prepare this sorbet. That is all you need to make them. Serve garnished with some fresh lemon leaves or bay leaves if you like or a sprig of another kind of herb for a pretty presentation. If you usually buy sorbet, try making your own. This recipe is really simple. Try using limes instead of lemons if you want. Continue reading

Crayfish and Salmon Terrine

This looks like a complicated, gourmet dish so when you read the recipe you will be surprised just how easy it is to prepare. Basically you just need to poach the fish, then combine it with the other ingredients, and put the mixture into a loaf pan or cake pan. The salmon and crayfish taste beautiful together and the green peas add a color accent. The recipe also features white wine, cream, herbs, eggs and more, to get the right flavor and consistency.

So what is a terrine anyway, you might be wondering. Actually a terrine is very similar to a pate except the ingredients are more coarsely chopped. Serve a terrine chilled or at room temperature with bread. Although such a dish seems scarily sophisticated, a terrine is not hard to make at all, and you do not need any complicated ingredients either. Terrines might be made of fish, seafood, meat or poultry, or a combination of these. You can make a terrine a day ahead if you wish, then simply serve it with bread and bring out some white wine too. That is your appetizer course taken care of, and there is no doubt this recipe will wow your dinner guests.

Terrine recipes vary greatly in France and some are made to use the parts of an animal you might not otherwise wish to use, so expect to find plenty of fat in there, as well as ingredients like duck livers, offal and brisket fat. In this recipe we are using salmon filet and crayfish for a delicate flavor. This is a nice introduction to terrine recipes, and you might want to try another recipe for it in the future after sampling this one. Continue reading

Grape and Roquefort Cheese Canapes

If you are looking for easy party appetizers which you can make quickly, canapés are always a good solution. A canape is usually a piece of bread, toast, cracker or similar topped with ingredients. They are usually served cold and there are hundreds of variations. The following canapé recipe combines the sharp, salty flavor of Roquefort cheese with the sweetness of grapes. A tomato mayonnaise is used to stick the layers together and to add another flavor which complements both the grape and the cheese. A sprig of fresh parsley adds a splash of color and finishes these appetizers off in style.

You can serve holiday appetizer recipes like this one at any occasion and canapes always look appealing. Serve them with toothpicks through them to hold them together or just as they are. If you are using toothpicks, choose the brightly colored type with a decorative top, so people can see they are there. These easy party appetizers can be served chilled or at room temperature. If you are looking for make ahead appetizers, make these up to two hours before serving them and cover the tray with plastic wrap. This stops the cut side of the grape drying out and keeps the bread fresh.

If you are looking for the best canapés recipes, this one is simple yet a perfect blend of flavors, combining sweet with savory and saltiness with fruitiness. Everyone who pops one of these easy party appetizers into their mouth will very much enjoy the blend of different tastes and these appetizers are not too filling or heavy either. These would be good at a cocktail party or buffet. If they warm up to room temperature before people eat them, that will not matter much. Actually Roquefort cheese has a better flavor when it is a bit warmer. Continue reading

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