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Easy Party Appetizers

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Garlic and Rosemary Italian Focaccia Bread Appetizer

Although bread is fairly simple sounding it is a very good choice for an appetizer. Think about it who doesn’t like a nice piece of warm bread fresh from the oven and what if we put herbs and olive oil in it or even garlic am I starting to open your eyes that this at first sounds like an oh you must be kidding thing to ah that does sound great kind of thing. I know I love fresh baked bread and in fact my husband’s favorite restaurant would serve these piping hot fresh from the oven breadsticks with melted butter and garlic that made you almost forget you had a meal coming kind of good.

I mean who can say they honestly don’t like a fresh hot chewy piece of artisan bread. Now when you stop to think about it this is sounding like a better appetizer idea by the minute. I mean you can smell it cooking in your mind already, can’t you? Tell me what your guest first response to walking into your house with the smell of fresh bread baking would be? Tell me they will not instantly be put in a mood you want at your party or dinner party.

I know one of the favorite times a day is when my oldest is making fresh bread like he does almost every day and in fact on off days something seems vacant in the house without that smell lofting through it. This is a great recipe if you are looking for a nice bread to serve to guest that will make them in the mood you want from the time they enter the house until the time they leave. I bet a few even ask for some after dinner. This recipe has all kinds of possibilities once you get the basic focaccia down you can really very up the toppings mine are only a traditional set of place to begin in fact try a few different ideas and see which one goes over best then make others that way and you’ll have a major crowd pleaser on your hands. Continue reading

Mixed Fresh Fruit Kebab Appetizers

This appetizer can be made ahead of time which is always appreciated when hosting a get together where you want as much time as possible to spend with your guest instead of stuck in the kitchen all night making appetizers. It is also a very visually appealing appetizer that is great no matter what age your guest are so this is as good for adults as kids and they will enjoy it too.

You can very up the fruit depending on what is in season just try and very your colors so you end up with a mixture of color for visual appeal reasons. It could easily be switched for any other fruits you like. I used wild strawberries as they need no preparation as they are already bite sized and also pack superior flavor in my opinion.

Some variations on this theme are also possible you could easily add in some cubed Monterey jack or Colby cheese. Also if you like look at our dip section this would be nice with a nice marshmallow dip or even a caramel dip would be nice but is purely optional as the fruit is all sweet enough on its own. I would steer away from using bit sized pieces of meat if having a summer party as these are troublesome on keeping cool so you don’t get anyone sick. So if you are looking for an appetizer that will work with any age group, be refreshing on a hot day, and can be made ahead of time this would be a great choice. Continue reading

Loaded Cheeseburger Slider with Onion Rings

There is much debate on where the cheeseburger as we know it today started and there are a few that claim the title of the home of the modern American hamburger but no matter which story you choose to believe there is no doubt as to America’s love of this meaty sandwich. What you may not have know though is you can down size these into what are known as sliders and serve them to party goers as an appetizer.

Now on this site we offer you other versions of this little gem but in this recipe we go all out and load them up into a towering colossal of a slider kind of the king of sliders if you so chose. I mean just because we are downsizing the meat and bun doesn’t mean we can load them up with all the things we love about the full-size version. I mean just because it is smaller doesn’t mean we need to compromise on the flavor combination.

To round out this appetizer gone Americana are some lovely full sized onion rings that are so much better than the frozen kind. In the batter I use buttermilk to infuse the onion rings in a deeply rich batter that will give plenty of crisp and delicious flavors to envelop the tender onion inside. It is like a nice winter jacket on a cold day and will deliver you a nice warm and tasty onion ring just like your favorite dinner. Continue reading

Roasted Red Potatoes with Salmon Roe and Sour Cream

These are simple to prepare and they are pretty too, boasting red, orange and green colors. We are using baby red potatoes, scooping out some of the flesh for the sour cream filling (you can save the flesh for another use, such as adding it to soup for example) and then topping with chives and salmon roe. Salmon roe is a tasty seafood treat from the Pacific coast. These orange salmon eggs are salty, delicate and really good.

We like to use baby red potatoes just because they are more colorful than their brown or white-skinned counterparts. A melon baller is the simplest way to hollow them out but if you do not have such a utensil, use the smallest spoon you have. Do not remove too much. You still want the potatoes to hold their shape. Just remove a bit so you can get some sour cream in there. Then the salmon roe goes on top (or you could use the more expensive black caviar if you prefer – you only need a tiny bit on each appetizer) and finally the snipped chives to finish off the presentation.

If you want to tweak these, consider swapping the salmon roe for crumbled bacon and the chives for grated cheese. That would make a great appetizer for Superbowl or for a crowd who are more into baked potatoes than gourmet seafood treats. It just depends on the occasion and who is coming over. These little bites may be served chilled, at room temperature or warm. Do not serve them too hot though, because then the sour cream will melt and ooze out. That might be fine if you are serving them on plates but if you are choosing to offer these as finger food you will want them cooler so they are less messy to eat. If you are looking for some easy potato appetizers, give this recipe a try. Continue reading

Spanish Seafood Stuffed Egg Appetizers

Deviled eggs are great for an appetizer but this recipe is slightly different because we are using seafood as well as the egg, mashing tuna with egg yolks, tomato sauce, mayonnaise and Spanish paprika along with salt and black pepper. You can use finely chopped cooked shrimp instead of the tuna if you prefer. Use canned tuna in oil, and drain off the oil before using the tuna in the recipe. Use your judgment as to the amount of paprika used.

These eggs are often served as a pre-lunch appetizer in Spain, but you can serve them as a snack whenever you wish. Because you can make these ahead, you might want to make them in the morning if you are having some friends over in the evening. Then you can simply put them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them. It is your choice whether or not to peel the eggs. Leaving them half-unpeeled does give them a nice, rustic look though. If you are serving them with some of the shell on, things can get messy, so serve them in eggcups with teaspoons.

This recipe makes one egg per person while some devilled egg recipes serve half a stuffed egg per person. That means this one is slightly more filling but sometimes a hearty appetizer is ideal, especially if there is going to be some time between the appetizer and the entrée. This is also a nice snack for the kids coming home from school a few hours before dinner time. It is certainly filling enough to keep them satisfied until dinnertime anyway. Feel free to use homemade or canned tomato sauce, and the same applies to the mayonnaise. You might like to use less tomato sauce and a splash of Worcestershire sauce (or lemon juice) or make your own recipe for the filling. Anything that suits the seafood flavor would be wonderful. Continue reading

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