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One of the Best Recipes for Appetizer Wraps

These pork appetizer wraps are really special. The sauce is made from beer, BBQ sauce, and chili and this mixture is used for basting the pork while it grills, as well as for a sauce to go inside the wraps. Keep the sauce for basting and the sauce for serving with the wraps separate so you do not contaminate it when you use it on the raw pork. Discard the leftover basting sauce after using it. You need to be careful with raw pork and chicken, and keep marinades and sauces separate.

When making holiday appetizer recipes, you might want to make chilled appetizer wraps and then cut them into pinwheels. It is also nice to make hot appetizer wraps like this tasty pork wrap recipe and serve them hot, or at least warm. The combination of barbecue pork, cilantro, and sour cream in these appetizer recipes is really nice. There are other recipes for appetizer wraps and you can fill them with anything you like. Tuna, mayonnaise, and pineapple is a good combination. Mozzarella, fresh tomato slices and basil leaves would be another nice filling.

These appetizer wraps can be messy to eat so serve them on a plate or in a bowl with cutlery. At least have some napkins around. If you are looking for recipes for finger food you might prefer to make chilled appetizer wrap pinwheels because they are easier to eat, but if you want to make hot appetizer wraps the flavor of these is hard to beat. Continue reading

Spinach Wontons – An Easy Party Appetizer

If you like spinach wrap flatbread or chicken and spinach wrap type appetizers, you will love these crispy spinach, stilton, and walnut parcels. They are simple to make. Wilted spinach is combined with nuts and cheese and this mixture is divided between filo pastry sheets. Pinch the tops of the filo pastry to make little parcels containing the filling, bake them and you have the most wonderful hot appetizers. These spinach parcels are best served hot.

If you want, you can make a dipping sauce to serve with these spinach wrap flatbread style appetizers. Because of the tangy blue cheese, what about making a fruity dipping sauce for these spinach filo parcels? You can also think about a sweet and sour sauce or even a creamy sauce. Many different dips would be suitable for these easy party appetizers.

Holiday appetizer recipes like these easy spinach wraps are so easy to make and they are always a big hit with your guests. They are crunchy on the inside and soft on the inside. The combination of spinach, walnuts, and stilton is magical and these delicious appetizers only have five ingredients so they are straightforward to make. Served with a fruity dipping sauce, this is one of our most fancy party appetizers and if you want to impress, making these spinach parcels is a great way to do just that. Continue reading

Simple Breadstick – Ham Roll Up Appetizer Recipe

This is such a simple recipe to make. Perhaps you were already thinking about serving breadsticks to your guests as an appetizer. The following recipe uses sesame seeds, basil and cayenne to give the breadsticks a delicious coating and then they are wrapped in cream cheese-coated honey roast ham slices. This is an easy appetizer but a really nice one.

You have probably tried ham and cheese rolls appetizer recipes before but what about making this honey roast ham roll up appetizer recipe for your next buffet, dinner party or cocktail party. You can serve snacks like this at thanksgiving or new year’s eve and they are sure to be very much appreciated. Don’t use the cayenne pepper if you want these to be really mild but add it if you prefer a bit of a kick to your appetizers. Actually the cayenne contrasts nicely with the creaminess of the chive and onion cream cheese so it might be best to add it to the recipe.

If you wrap the ham around the breadsticks straight after baking them they will be warm, which is actually the best way to serve this tasty ham appetizer. You can let them cool down, if you prefer, but they are really good warm because they smell nicer and the cool cream cheese and ham contrast well with the warm breadsticks. Breadsticks can be made or bought but by combining refrigerated breadsticks with sesame seeds, basil and cayenne they will have a homemade look and flavor, which is really good and goes nicely with the overall feel of these easy party appetizers. Continue reading

Potato Cheese Bacon Bit Balls

Bacon, potatoes, and cheese go together amazingly and this is one of our hot appetizer recipes in which these flavors are combined. Sour cream is added for sharpness and an egg binds everything together. This is a great appetizer recipe for the fall or winter, when you want to serve warm treats, and, with only five ingredients, this is not a difficult recipe at all.

These little snacks are especially nice if you are having a buffet because they are good with other foods and are just as tasty alongside a salad as alongside any seafood appetizers, holiday appetizer recipes, or other hot appetizer recipes you have made. People can see at a glance what these appetizers are.

Using bacon bits and hash browns is timesaving because it means you do not have to prepare or cook potatoes or bacon. This is a quick appetizer recipe because you just need to put the mixture into muffin tins and bake for half an hour. These creamy, cheese, mouthwatering potato cheese bacon bit balls make a wonderful snack and are perfect for whetting your guests’ appetite, as well as giving them a delicious stopgap between their arrival and the main course. Continue reading

Appetizing Dessert Nachos with Chocolate

These nacho stacks with Mexican sweet pecans are great at any party and kids especially love them. Appetizers can be sweet or savory and popular sweet appetizers are made with fruit, preserves, or other sweet ingredients. These appetizers can also be served as a dessert but they are ideal for people with a sweet tooth. It is nice to have the option of something sweet anyway.

This is a great recipe to have on standby because it can work as a dessert or as an extra appetizer if you run out of them. You can use Mexican chocolate in this dessert nachos recipe for extra authenticity but unsweetened chocolate is fine, especially since Mexican chocolate is not available everywhere. Mexican chocolate is not as sweet as other kinds of chocolate and it often contains cinnamon.

Maybe you were wondering which easy party appetizers to make for your party and you had not considered having sweet appetizers as well as savory ones. A lot of people like to make shrimp appetizers, seafood appetizers, various dip recipe and other holiday appetizer recipes but do not rule out the option of making something sweet. You might be surprised just how popular these tasty dessert nachos are. Continue reading