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Appetizers for an Occasion

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Mixed Fresh Fruit Kebab Appetizers

This appetizer can be made ahead of time which is always appreciated when hosting a get together where you want as much time as possible to spend with your guest instead of stuck in the kitchen all night making appetizers. It is also a very visually appealing appetizer that is great no matter what age your guest are so this is as good for adults as kids and they will enjoy it too.

You can very up the fruit depending on what is in season just try and very your colors so you end up with a mixture of color for visual appeal reasons. It could easily be switched for any other fruits you like. I used wild strawberries as they need no preparation as they are already bite sized and also pack superior flavor in my opinion.

Some variations on this theme are also possible you could easily add in some cubed Monterey jack or Colby cheese. Also if you like look at our dip section this would be nice with a nice marshmallow dip or even a caramel dip would be nice but is purely optional as the fruit is all sweet enough on its own. I would steer away from using bit sized pieces of meat if having a summer party as these are troublesome on keeping cool so you don’t get anyone sick. So if you are looking for an appetizer that will work with any age group, be refreshing on a hot day, and can be made ahead of time this would be a great choice. Continue reading

Seared Scallops over Rice Timbales

This is an exquisite appetizer, perfect for a sit-down meal when you want to offer a light fish course before a hearty meat-based entrée perhaps. We are using sea scallops to make this, along with homemade rice timbales, or rice cakes. Although a timbale is usually made by squeezing rice into a container and tipping it out so it holds its shape, we are instead pressing the mixture down, chilling it, then using a cookie cutter to cut the rounds.

It is best to make the rice timbales the day before you make this recipe because that way they hold together better. If you do not have time for that, then make them very small instead so you can cook them without the risk of them breaking up. We usually warm them in the pan so they brown on one side, but if yours seem to be holding firmly together in there, feel free to flip them over using a wide spatula to get them golden brown on both sides. You just want to heat them up really, so they will only take a few minutes in there. Cook them while you are finishing off the scallops and sauce.

To serve these, it is best to use warm plates, then add the rice timbales, scallops and sauce, and finally a few sprigs of fresh herbs or else some microgreens (very tiny salad leaves) to add a splash of color to the plate. Serve this appetizer immediately. Everyone is sure to be impressed with this dish. If you want to make it quicker or easier, consider serving the scallops over a little bit of plain rice rather than making the rice timbales, or else you can simply serve them with some salad leaves if you want to serve an appetizer which is still delicious but perhaps slightly lighter. It depends how much time you have to make it, along with how full you want your dinner guests to be. Continue reading

Spicy Crockpot Queso Dip

Whether you want to feed a crowd, make something yummy to munch on during the Superbowl or simply prepare some comfort food, cheese dip is always a winner. This recipe is made with Cheddar Jack cheese, tomatoes, cream, green onions, spices and hot dogs, and everything is blended in the crockpot for a flavorful result. Slow cooking brings out all the flavors and blends everything together nicely.

If you prefer to make a vegetarian version you can omit to hot dogs from the recipe. You can also use reduced fat cream and cheese if you want to cut the fat content a little. Serve the finished dip straight from the crockpot so it stays warm and choose from tortilla chips or scoops to serve. You can even offer corn chips or kettle chips if you prefer, or vegetable sticks like carrot and celery. This dip can be spiced up as much as you wish and some people do like it really hot. Another option is to leave out the pepper sauce and use a milder cheese if you prefer a milder result.

This recipe makes 6 cups of dip which is enough for 10 people but if you are serving this to diehard cheese dip fans you might want to make more of it. If you are in a hurry this can be made on the stovetop but the flavor is slightly better when you use a crockpot, so we recommend you do. This spicy dip offers a nice change of pace from chilled dip recipes. Continue reading

Outdoor Party Appetizer Recipes

Make outdoor party appetizer recipes that are perfect for your parties and picnics. Looking for a great grilling appetizer or something you can quickly make? These are the best outdoor party appetizer recipes for your barbeque that you can make in under 15 minutes. Simple recipes for outdoor grilling appetizers that everyone is sure to love.

Outdoor Party Appetizer Recipes

These delicious outdoor party appetizer recipes are perfect for your next barbeque. Basted with the herb mixture it is truly amazing. Put these on the grill and be prepared to enjoy the pleasure on every guests face.

These make the perfect appetizer to serve before a wonderful meal of grilled steaks. These are also wonderful over a bed of wild rice as an easy main course meal.

Serve a loaf of crunchy French bread slathered with roasted garlic butter. A marvelous and healthy appetizer for all to enjoy. These outdoor party appetizers are loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and protein. Continue reading

Recipe for Grilled Peaches Appetizer with Prosciutto

These juicy appetizers combine saltiness, juicy sweetness and creaminess, as well as an herbaceous aroma, so it might surprise you to discover you only need four ingredients for this simple dish. You can use any type of peaches you want but make sure they are optimally fresh. This means not too hard but, on the other hand, not too soft either.

Fresh peaches feature in a lot of dessert recipes and they also feature in various Middle Eastern style entrees. However, what about making appetizers with peaches? As the following recipe demonstrates, there is definitely a place for peaches in appetizer-making, as long as you choose savory ingredients to combine them with.

These delicious grill-marked hot peach wedges are wrapped in salty prosciutto and served with a little goat cheese. The sprig of rosemary adds color and smells good too. If you do not have fresh rosemary, you can use arugula as a garnish instead and people will them be able to eat the whole appetizer. Continue reading

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